Who really is Babylon the Great?

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  • sinis

    I know the WTS says it is false religion, but if you read Daniel, Jeremiah, and Revelation it shows that Babylon the Great is actually ruling over the ten kings. How can "false religion" rule over the kings of the earth? It seems that Babylon the Great might actually portray a real government. Could BTG be the U.S. as America does rule over many waters and is made up of many nationalites. We are also materialistic and consume many of the worlds goods, thus when the beast turns on it the merchants weep since no one is around to buy the goods. That and our entertainment can be construed as adulturous to many in the world. Any thoughts?

  • stillajwexelder

    Rome (ancient Rome)

  • sinis

    So who is the beast that destroyed Rome?

  • heathen

    I think the whore of babylon is the catholic church . The city of babylon could include all fundamental religions that do teach pagan beliefs that can be traced back to the babylonian culture . The way I see it is that the catholic church did have these powers over the political world and the vatican is a member of the UN today(riding the beast), which I believe the scarlet beast is the UN . In the city was found the blood of prophets even and we know that the catholic church did not allow for dissent in it's early history. Today they are still trying to influence the political scene ,for example- when John Kerry said he was catholic but believed in freedom for gays to marry the pope then told all catholics not to vote for John Kerry . Now that's pretty sick right there .

  • Legolas

    Give me the scripture you're talking about and I will try to tell you.

  • greendawn

    I think the JWs got it right the only thing is that they are also part of that spiritual whore given the way they lie, deceive, oppress and exploit their members. Babylon is in juxtaposition to Jerusalem which is described as a spiritual virgin and represents the genuine Church members. Two cities that are diametrically opposite in nature.

    Remember the original Babylon was the beginning of rebellion and alienation against God and the denial of his authority over mankind. Nimrod its king was a truly fierce persecutor of God's worshippers.

  • Raphael



    Long before CT Russell came up with the theory.


  • greendawn

    Let's not forget that Russell got many of his ideas from other sources though neither he nor the JWs aknowledged this. Hislop did a tremendous reserch on the subject of Babylon and religion though to him Babylon the Great is just the Roman Catholic Church.

  • ezra

    babylon the great is the world empire of false religion,it would be easier for to understand which scripture in daniel you are taking about,she has weilded great influence over the kings of the earth,that is why she is depicted as riding the wild beast,but she has fallen and she does not weild so much influence today,

  • sinis

    Except - "The woman which thou sawest is the great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth." (Rev. 17:18) This indicates rule by authority, no where has religion ruled over kings. That, and it makes no sense that once the "beast" turns on "her" and destroys BTG that the merchants would wail and cry only to have the "beast" eventually set up a system of commerce. Please don't tell me the traditional WTS crap that the gov't turns on "false religion" and bans it and thus the merchants crying are because no one will buy there Christmas crap.

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