Watchtower / Awake mags at home...

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  • defective light
    defective light

    Did you ever display yours in the room...bathroom? seems like every J-dubs house I've ever been in had some kind of jw literature laying around (most of them had dust on them or were not current!) was this to impress other dubs? or was was it a subliminal message for "worldy folks" ? just curious....

  • stillajwexelder

    wife displays them everywhere - yes

  • crazyblondeb

    My parents not only had them sitting around the house, but also in the car. When we'd travel, they'd tape a watchtower or awake to the rear window, like a badge od honor! But damn- I can't imagine why they wouldn't stick and ALWAYS feel down!!

    blessed be--shelley

  • Ellie

    Oh yeah, the car is always so embaressing, my mum would pick me up from school with watchtowers all over the back shelf, nicely displayed for all the kids to laugh at.

  • 95stormfront

    My wife used to do that until I started picking them all up and throwing them away with old mail and news papers. she finally got the message and started stacking them in a corner in the closet in our home office and not getting so much that they would pile up.

    I didn't put up with the subliminal connotations of all that litter-ature she liked to so strategically place around the house. I didn't even like seeing it displayed on the toilet, which is a lot closer to where it belonged in the first place.

    Even when I buy a car, I demand that everything pointing to the dealership I bought it from be removed upon delivery. They're not paying me for the free much more so for the WTS.

  • Cellist

    No, we never deliberately put any of it on display. But there was so much literature needed to be a JW that it seemed to be omnipresent. I'm still finding stuff and it's been close to 15 years since I've acquired any.


    P.S. I hated driving with anyone who put mags in the back window, it was so embarrassing. But, they got to count time that way. Same thing for putting the mags on the table when stopping for coffee.

  • ezra

    then i am supposed to be a dub also?i guess at nighttime you guys show up,the daytime crew is much more polite.wasnt very nice.i am on here regularly.not a decent way to treat a member is it

  • defective light
    defective light


    not a decent way to treat a member is it

    Please explain.......I am still......just curious

  • collegegirl21

    Yeah, me too. I'm confused by what you mean.

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