How do you approach the Divine--or not...

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  • Brigid

    I am wondering of anyone who would care to share. Where have your spiritual journies taken you now that you've left or are at least questioning the organization?

    Any Muslims?



    Judaism or Messianic Judaism (going back to the source)?

    Eastern religions?

    Still in the Organization but questioning and hoping for reform?


    Goddess worshippers/explorers of the Ultimate Mysteries and Truths of the Universe?

    Please share.

    Bright blessings,


  • Sunnygal41
    Goddess worshippers/explorers of the Ultimate Mysteries and Truths of the Universe?

    I think I'd fit under this beliefs are pantheistic/animistic.........I do my meditation at home at a personal altar in my den. I am also studying shamanism with an shaman elder. Terri

  • Brigid


    I knew I could not cover everything absolutely because I feel that each approach to the Divine is as unique as each individual human--even within the Monolithic faiths, one finds that (no one can really get between an individual and what they deem to be god)

    What tradition is your teacher from, may I ask? I took my first shamanic journey recently with a group to find our spirit animals. I met a goat (yea, a goat! I was like--A goat??? You're my spirit animal??? He did not answer me, so perhaps not, but then I did a little research and they're cool).


  • crazyblondeb

    I have found my way to the pagan path. So I guess it would be close to sunnygal's. Everyone is encouraged to find their own path! It empowers me to have faith in myself.

    blessed be-shelley

  • Brigid


    Bright Blessings! May I ask what tradition or pantheon you are following? I am discovering much through my associations with pagans and modern day heathens.

    Blessed Be,


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