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    Everythings so perfectly clear now.....thank you.

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    Please refrain from copying and pasting your posts to my Inbox. I construe it as SPAM and, if it continues, harassment. It will be dealt with accordingly.

    Please refrain from TYPING IN UPPER CASE LETTERS. It is offensive to the vast majority of users. In "netiquette" it is considered to be the equivalent of 'shouting'. Sometimes it can give the impression that you are mentally unstable.

    Please use appropriate paragraphing. It makes your message much easier to read and does not leave your readers with a headache. Also, it adds to your credibility, which is sorely lacking at this point, and helps make a good impression with your audience. You want people to take you seriously, so make your message into something people will not dismiss at first glance due to its glaringly offensive appearance.

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    Aaah, I see now. Super.

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    Do you know the muffinman, the muffinman, the muffinman


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    Scully: I am not attempting "spam", just attempting to clarify and read this. I believe that "our friend", leastone, is missing the point big-time. Maybe a little edification by example would be enlightening. Please bear with me. If this doesn't work, I won't try it again, trust me.

    Leastone: It is really painful to see the English language so badly abused. So I took a few minutes to "filter" this text a bit. This is closer to what the text should look like when it is ACTUALLY edited:


    The point I am making in part two of my notice "the world put on notice! Be awake! Be ready!".... is this: the Apostle John was, and is, at {1 John 2 verses 18,19 and chap. 4 verses 1 to 6 see below} was advising all: "Test the inspired expressions they were being taught in the congregations, by those within the congregations. ."

    That means the false and true teachers, both taught their "inspired teachings" within the congregations. John advised the faithful, in their meeting together to test these unproven teachings. John advised to test them, by seeing if they [confessed] or where in harmony with the teaching Jesus voiced while in the flesh here on earth. This would result in the false teachings beings exposed and the false teachers leaving the congregations point::::

    It was not the truthful teachers with the correct teachings, that would not want to allow the brotherhood to test publicly, at their meetings together, the teaching they were being taught. Truth has nothing to hide, or that it wants hidden. God would wants his truths to be proven publicly, would he not???

    However, when the false teachers had mislead enough by their false teachings to take control of the congregations, what happened ? This the foretold antichrist [and its body members] were so bold that they made it unlawful in the congregations, to continue to publicity test before Christ house and household their teachings or for that matter anyone’s.

    The reason is that anyone doing so, might or would expose their false teachings, their antichrist inspired expressions all religious leaders, or religious organizations, that boldly forbid or make it unlawful for their households to use freedom of expression [speech] to publicly test at their meeting together, the inspired teachings they are being taught are therefore apart of the foretold antichrist, the man of lawless etc. etc.

    Question; do the ruling governing body of Jehovah's witnesses boldly teach, or make it unlawful for its household, its members to test, at their meeting together their "governing bodies "teachings, their "inspired teachings"???.

    Do they make it unlawful for their house members to test at their meeting together the food they are being feed in their official doctrinal journal the watchtower ??? Do they say eat it first before it is or can be tested publicly by others within their household of faith? Do they invite other house members to test it or do they by their teachings make it unlawful for their household to do so ? Do they outlaw the apostle johns directive???

    If they, in fact do outlaw the apostle John's directive, they by doing so manifest themselves to be antichrist, the body members of the foretold antichrist

    I, myself was silenced in 2004 while trying to draw attention to the reasoned Jesus voiced, as to why all his house, all his household where to stay awake and to prove themselves ready. After I was silenced this is what I published in the "Moncton Times" N.B. Canada....

    The result last fall [2005] the Watchtower carefully twisted Jesus words. I believe it was in the October issue about Jesus usage of the thief of Matthew 24 verse 43 in that article they "out and out" used deception, as their father the devil does. They did so, to insure, they would, not be pointed at by their religious household, as ones included in the ones to having broken into the master's house they did so, as well because to do so would show their whole application of Christ sign is, as they antichrist.

    Follow my notice in the tribune and you will see I can and do prove this biblically...

    Proudly and prominently displayed on Kingdom Hall Walls, earth wide, during 2004 has been two of Jesus most often quoted warnings. He loudly and clearly commanded all his householders, warning all the house to "Keep on the watch! Prove yourselves Ready!".

    Obeying their master’s voice would result in their spiritual lives being spared and disobeying would result in their spiritual lives becoming lost. Obeying, life! Disobeying, death! The, in house, danger that Jesus would light up by his coming is found wedged between Jesus two very significant orders.

    He told all: "But know one thing, that if the householders had known in what watch the thief (the hired man, weeds) was coming he would have kept awake and not allowed his house to be broken into on that account...". Yes at Jesus coming he would light up, to all his householders, that not only had the weeds, the hired man, successfully broken into the house but was standing in control of the very top of the masters house. Yes, with that manifestation by Jesus it was time to start spiritually fleeing from the apostates and their there weed like lovers, standing in control of the housetop. How so?... Matthew 24 verses 42-44, John 10, Matthew 24 verses 15-22... How?

    Leastone: I am guessing at where you intend paragraphs to be, but I applied typical common usage. Try them yourself, you'll probably like the results brought by the use of paragraphs.

    Disclaimer: This does nothing for run-on sentences, sentence fragments, extra/missing/improper punctuation, added/missing spacing, improper automatic spelling corrections and customized or specialized capitalization dictated by style. Grammar is another issue, as is the content and the intent of the message.

    And, if you disagree: TOO BAD!!!!

    But now I can come closer to reading it.

    Now, I believe that I can see that you mean that you were "trashed" by JW's because you dared to speak out.


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    Block caps and no paragraphs.

    It's St. John the Divine all over again.

    Mushrooms BAD!

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    LOL abaddon

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    I can't wait for the WTBTS to come out with that in print ,be like----------------- We apologize for all our previous announcements and are quite sure we can get it right in the next hundred years so please keep donating and getting free publications , if you aint living for the end of the world then you aint living ............................

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