Need Documentation For Online Book; Help me author it

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  • Madame Quixote
    Madame Quixote

    Hey there, I am putting together a personal list of JW policy changes; examples of mis-management/fraud/misrepresentation; policies that damage people and their families, such as those that protect abusers; etc., but want explicit documentation for all of it, esp. the UN scandal - (I think I have some of that on a disk somewhere) - blood policy changes/death lists (of JWs who died due specifically to refusing blood); news articles, WBTS predictions about the "Last Days", Armageddon, Christ's coming, Pyramidology, etc.

    I've read a lot of this here, there and everywhere on the net, but want to consolidate it into a concise, online book, which credits sources, etc., professionally and legally.

    I will post on the Internet and would appreciate all the info I can find. If you have good suggestions, please share them with me. I'll be surfing in the meantime. Thanks so much, if you can help, esp. if you have experience in this field!

  • Madame Quixote
    Madame Quixote

    I wish to stress that I am looking for scholarly, objective, factual documentation on how the JWs operate, not simply the typical, exclusively Pro-Christian, emotionalism I'm finding at a lot of the sources I visit. If you have info on the topic that is pertinent, or any sites to refer me to, I'd appreciate it. I am still hunting and linking. Thanks!

  • rebel8

    Madame, I have brochures on most of those topics that I'll be putting on my web site soon for free download. (will be giving my web site a giant overhaul soon--right now it is hard to navigate--some of the brochures are there already but I have many more) In the meantime, I will email them to you in Word format if you PM me with your email address. They have tons of references.

  • Elsewhere
    I wish to stress that I am looking for scholarly, objective, factual documentation on how the JWs operate

  • Hellrider

    About misrepresentation and fraud, read Alan Feuerbachers, Norm Hovlands, and others, essays, here:

    The essay "Disagreements about Evolution" is excellent when it comes to exposing their misrepresentation/distorting of facts. Also, "The WTS says it is a prophet and is inspired" (shows the double-talking, prophet in good times, "just men" when they fail on prophecies, etc), is good.

  • Madame Quixote
    Madame Quixote

    Rebel8, Hellrider and Elsewhere - Thanks a bunch. I'll check it all out ASAP. All input is appreciated.

  • Kenneson

    You will find a short death list of victims of the blood transfusion ban at

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