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  • FallenOne

    Ooo Think I liked your reply you bring up a very valid point about Satan. I beleive the bible put it more or less he roamed about in the courtyard of Jehovah.

    Well, I think she will come around. She got to this point all by herself anyways. My sister is already out, she finally saw through all the BS. The past 2 years of my life that I've been 100% out have honestly been the best years of my life.

  • leftbelow

    1st Wecome 2nd your wife sounds just like mine. It is so wierd to see how many feel its wrong but the lesser of many evils.

  • kls

    Welcome FallenOne . Great first post with great points for all.

  • Cellist

    Welcome to the board, FallenOne.


  • stillajwexelder

    welcome top the board -great first post

  • jojochan

    Welcome to the forum Fallen one!


  • Think


    Thanks for your compliment, I believe that 100% honesty IS ALWAYS THE BEST WAY. I agree with you. Have faith in God and her, If she is honest with God and herself, he will make the right decision.

    I know, that is not easy to drop ANY bad habit. JW Occult remind me of alcoholics problems, even if they go to rehab, there is the strong NEED to get HIGH again...

    And no doubt, in Kidummy Malls, we REALLY GET HIGH ! Religion is a very strong drug,

    according to 'JUdge" Rutherford is a SNARE and RACKET ! Why not listen to him ?

    At least I agree with "Judge" on this.... Get out of the Sick Occult ! otherwise you have to share the pain and plagues... and NEVER, EVER COME BACK !

    Some people sit on fences, and have problem with decisions. I understand that.

    There is the thought in back of the brain " but.... what if they HAVE the truth ? "

    Well, if that is the "truth" what they have, then I don't see any logic reason in coming to the world and being alive.

    The way the people are exploit in the sick JW Occult, are a torture, and as for me, If I have no choice, AND ALL THE PEOPLE ON EARTH ARE jw oCCULT, then i don't want to live at all. Period.

    For me being in The JW Occult, or sitting on the fence, is not an option.

    But everybody have to decide for himself.

    YOU did the RIGHT choice. There is no point in living a lie, just because family is still there...

  • Wild_Thing

    I think that was a great letter to write your wife!

    I absolutely hate it when JWs say that "it is the closest to the truth that is out there" or they say "if we leave, where else is there to go?" Like you said, it is a cult and those phrases seem to be somehow implanted in our brain at some point.

    Since your wife is open-minded and seems to want to do research, I would encourage her to research the basic history of the watchtower society. How did it begin? Where did Russel recieve his influences? What exactly was the "great apostacy" that happened after Russel died?

    If she does her own research, she will find that the witnesses today are so far removed from what the religion once was. The question she will inevitably be searching for is ... when exactly did it become "the truth"? I think it is especially important to do this research if you were raised in the organization. You don't know where you're going unless you know where you've been.

    What was especially helpful to me was when I researched the off-shoots of Watchtower society. Believe or not, several of these groups have excellent resources online to research the Watchtower's history. If you haven't been to these already, here are a few you can give her:



    http://www.strictlygenteel.co.uk/ (This one is JW friendly ... it may be better received as a webpage okay to visit).

    Good luck!

  • serendipity

    Hi fallenone,

    welcome to the forum! If your wife leaves the organization, does she lose her parents and other relatives ? That's a dealbreaker for some people and your wife may be justifying staying by saying it's the closest to the truth.

    What was really valuable to me was to read the Greek scriptures taking note of what is REALLY required of Christians. There is much emphasis on charitable works and showing love, and little on preaching. JW's really emphasize the wrong things. And that's a hard mindset to change.

  • GoingGoingGone

    Welcome, FallenOne!

    That was a great letter! Be patient with your wife, try not to be judgemental no matter what she says - she'll be getting enough of that from the JWs. But she sounds like a really open minded person! She'll never last as a JW!


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