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  • theinfamousone

    have you ever gotteni nto an argument with a J-Dub, or basically any HARDCORE bible thumper??? have you ever brought up the fact that if he were so loving, god would not allow all the suffering we see on a day to day basis, never mind what the hungry children around the world are suffering? have u ever noticed what their responce will invariably be?

    "if god didnt allow all the suffering, we would not know how lucky we are to be happy!"

    really, what the hell does that mean??? i think if i were happy, and was never unhappy, i would still be happy to be happy... understand what i mean??? i just hate it when they say that!!!! how about you guys, what experience do you have with stupid excuses for religious "mistakes" or excuses for an absent god?

    the infamous one

  • Dune

    I've always had problems with the same question, but the answer being "God's Sovereignty being questioned is the reason that we are suffering, he has to prove that we cant live without him in peace"

    So god is allowing millions upon millions of people to die just so he can prove a point?

    I think that his "point" has been overkilled.

  • luna2

    I always had a real hard time with why a "loving" God allows extreme suffering...dubs always come up with some lame argument to justify it. The one I remember best is that we needed to see just how bad things can get in this imperfect Satan-ruling world...that way us puny humans will better appreciate Gods wunnerful promise of a paradise earf. *sigh*

  • carla

    I usually get something on the order of, "see, if everyone was a jw, none of this would be happening".

  • GoingGoingGone

    I truly hate discussing this with JWs or hardcore religious people.

    I'm really not sure what I believe now, but I don't think I could ever completely dismiss the idea of an all powerful creator. There is too much intelligent design in creation. That discussion is another whole subject, but assuming there IS a God who loves us all - Where is he now? What's he doing? What is the point of allowing children to suffer horribly, or anyone, for that matter? I don't get it.

    I have asked this question numerous times, to numerous religious people. Never heard an answer that I find satisfying, though.


  • glitter

    "if god didnt allow all the suffering, we would not know how lucky we are to be happy!"

    Never heard that particular "reasoning" - Satan always gets the blame when I hear Christians responding to that, never ever ever could be God's fault...

  • Terry

    The best apology theory I have been able to construct for myself to make any of this nonsense workable is the following. (Hold on to your hats ladies and gentlemen)....

    We are all merely thoughts in God's mind and only ___seem___(to ourselves) to be so "actual" because of the enormous potential present in God's imagination.

    What "seems" like the history of our universe (including all the bad and good things) is actually only

    the process of God considering what WOULD occur were he to actualize these tentative postulates.

    We cannot accuse God of any wrongdoing UNTIL and UNLESS he acts. He is merely exercising his foreknowlege in his considerations the way a Chessmaster looks moves ahead. We are part of his look-ahead.


    we only exist in "potential".

  • zen nudist
    zen nudist

    first of all if you have to experience pain to experience pleasure or vise versa, how could you ever experience either until a magic moment when you expeirenced them both at once? the whole notion is idiotic and reeks of blind ignorant myth making.

    second, I find most of them saying that if God prevented things, we would have no freewill.... which I find another load of crap. even the bible does not exempt people from warning others if a danger exists and punishes them if they do not warn and someone is injured because of it.

    if any father today discovers his son is about to go to school and blow away a teacher or other students and does nothing to prevent it, he will not be given any slack for his concern in preserving his son's free will. and no one will think him a good father and roll model.

  • greendawn

    I say it's the world's fault as much as it is that of the devil because they do not want Jesus they do not want the gospel, otherwise all these things would have ended long time ago.

    It's not really a case of vindicating God's sovereignty as the dubs claim, God doesn't need to be vindicated before anyone.

  • daystar

    The assumption then, that must be called into question, is that of loving God. Is that not obivous?

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