ROYAL SCAM: The Law of Moses _becomes_the Messianic Hope (thanks to Plato)

by Terry 43 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • Terry

    Maybe nobody is

  • gumby

    It's funny many do not believe the jews had one helluva time not staying away from other dieties when the number #1 sin they were ALWAYS guilty of was idolotry. Not stealin, screwin, drinkin,..... just idolotry. Their ass was in a sling with Jehovah more than it was out for cheatin on him.


  • peacefulpete

    That impression is the result of the religious reformers having rewritten their past. Rather than being incredibly thickheaded backsliders, the people were in fact simply resisting the newly introduced theological adaptations of the 'prophets' and postExilic priesthood.

  • Terry

    The individual Jew under the Law had no need to risk his life and his family fortune by "whoring" after other gods unless he became convinced by day to day

    living in the real world that there was no Jehovah taking care of him or providing any substantial benefit for all the sacrifices and prayer being offered on that god's behalf.

    It was a PRACTICAL MATTER to at least TRY another god on for size.

    Think of it this way...

    A person with incurable cancer will finally turn to quack doctors when the legitimate ones offer no hope/

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