My Amazing Morphing Kids

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  • rwagoner

    My kids constantly amaze me. When other people are around they are little angels but once it is just their mom and I...look out....they release their true selves ! LOL

    See for yoursleves !

  • alamb

    So cute and so true. I love the black and white with the red rose. That's a are the sweeties.

  • rwagoner

    Thanks... I love them no matter what...keep me laughing !

    The black and white shot is the first picture in her portfolio...she is going to be in 2 or 3 upcoming national catalogs. my daughter the baby supermodel LOL

  • coolhandluke

    kid gave himself a tattoo. that is priceless!!


  • Effervescent

    I don't know what you're talking about.... they look like perfect angels to me!

    No really, hahaha... I have a few of my own... and they don't even bother with the angel-ness around other people. lol

    The other day my beautiful but strong-willed (to say the least) two year old freaked out and threw a tantrum right at my feet because I wouldn't give her something she wanted that was inappropriate. She screamed and threw herself to the ground and flopped around for awhile. The other Mother I was attempting to hold a conversation with looked at me and smiled and said "So does that ever work???" LOL


    The cuter they are.... the more they KNOW it!

  • KW13

    ha ha, aye...they save it for their folks. I was always good until everyone went

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