the worst stepdad-husband...who is a

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  • *Heather*

    D****, January 21, 2006

    Just so you know, living with you for 8 ½ years was like living in Hell. How do I know what Hell is like? I don’t, but I guess it’s how my life was when we lived in the same house. There were SO many times I wanted to give you a piece of my mind and tell you what I thought, but I couldn’t because Mom didn’t want you to go back to her and start yelling at her. However, I am going to tell you what I think right now… You used to say that you were God’s gift and that you were God. Whatever! You are definitely NOT God because for one- He’s perfect, and two- He’s not gay and doesn’t like things in his a**. Don’t deny your sexuality; we all know. To add on to that, you have nasty teeth and breath, wrinkles galore, and you’re really hairy. I don’t think God is like that either. Do you? Nope. Remember when you would tell my mom to back away from the table? And you would tell her she’s fat? Well she’s not the one that always ate cookies for breakfast. I do recall you had a belly on you. My mother is not fat, but she is pretty! By the way, you’re not a Christian. You are in fact a hypocrite. How could you make my mother look bad in front of all those people at the “kingdom hall”? Who supported your broke a**? Mom did. Remember when you used to ask me who paid the bills, and I said mom? Then you would get mad at me. I know why you got mad; it’s because you know I was right. It was true. She paid the bills, and you did seldom. You are the worst husband and father anyone could ever ask for! I remember when people came over, and my sister and I (sometimes my friends too) wanted to come outside. You would tell us to go away or go inside. You also don’t have any right to say that my dad is a bad father. He’s way better than you, and he’s not gay. Yes, there was a time in my life when he wasn’t there for me, but he has apologized for it many times and feels bad about it every day. I have forgiven him. You- you may say you’re sorry, but I don’t believe you because you are a liar. I don’t and will not forgive you. Because of all the awful things you have done, many people not only strongly dislike you, they hate you, including me. You make me sick. Would you like to know what I have seriously been thinking about? I think I should go to the kingdom hall and tell everyone the real story. Then you can say bye-bye to that religion, which is a bunch of BS anyway. I know some things you’ve told those people, and I can still find out more. How? I have connections. That’s how. Now let me get on the topic of “drinking”. You can’t put my mom down for drinking all the time. You’re the one that had to have “snake juice” every night. You darn alcoholic! Do you remember when you would ask me if you were a nice guy? (“I’m a nice guy ain’t I?”) All I said was yes because I didn’t want to start anything. When I would get upset, you used to bribe me with money. What happened to the $50.00 you still owe me for the last few times I worked for you? Well you know what? I don’t want your money. You probably need it for your one-night-stand with a dude anyway. You probably have AIDS and don’t even know it, you sick bastard! I felt like I was Cinderella when I lived in that house, and when I wasn’t, my mom was. You never cleaned, and I think it’s funny how you can clean up the place after we leave. Aren’t you just so nice and thoughtful? Hell to the no! Another thing you can do since we’re gone is hire a lawyer to finalize the divorce since you want it so bad. I want it done too. So hurry up and find one! For your information, it’s your loss. You just have no idea how good you had it, but you messed it up. You are a fricken loser, and I don’t care what you think about me.



    so there it is with some adjustments... I would like to hear your responses to this! boy was i venting out my anger!!!

    thanks much!

  • Wild_Thing

    Wow! You do sound angry! It is good to vent though. He sounds like a pretty typical JW man to me ... not that I am bitter or anything either!

    He sounds like he took lessons from my dad. My dad was a complete asshole, and an elder, too. Wait ... that was redundant.

    Anyway ... welcome to the Bitter Daughters Club!

  • *Heather*

    Thanks sis! your welcome is greatly appreciated!

  • collegegirl21

    You're definitely telling it like it is. And you're telling him how you really feel, but should the hate be that strong? I mean could you make it so you make him feel as bad as possible. Hmm... I think your letter will just piss him off... which if that's what you're going for then I'm happy for you... but hmm.. before you send it, read over it again and make sure that you really want to send it.

  • collegegirl21

    Oh and welcome! :) its always nice to have new faces on here!

  • diamondblue1974

    It sounds like you are filled with hatred and anger; perhaps he deserved it and I dont blame you at all for the feelings you have but try not to let anger and hatred fill your life, its a negative energy and nothing positive will come from it long term.

    By all means vent all you need to, but make it temporary!


  • jwfacts

    That was one hell of a letter, I hope my stepdaughter never writes me a letter like that.

  • freedomlover

    wow are you my twin sister?!

    I have a step father AND mother just like yours, so I can relate. my mom has chosen to pick him over us kids and we have nothing to do with them anymore because of all the times we've tried to work it out and they won't reciprocate.

    great letter. you let it all out. I also agree with most here that you should wait a day or so and then decide if you want to send it. it's just my 2 cents but I've found when I sent letters like that to my mom and stepdad it felt good for about a minute and then it made them really HAPPY because they could see how they had affected me so badly. They love to say how "messed up" us kids are and your letter might be the "proof" they are looking for. by sending him that letter you give your power back into his hands. I know that's not where you want it. Maybe keep the letter for awhile and then burn it. That has helped me get feelings out and then release them without having to actually say anything to the offender. just my opinion....

    welcome to the board! hope you stick around a while.....


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