Damage caused by your pets?

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  • greendawn

    After my dog chewed the internet cable and left me off line for 24 hours, I got inspired to post this topic. Have your pets caused damage in your house or even beyond? My dog also chewed and ruined a couple of shoes and a ten pound note (around $18) that fell to the floor without me realising this.


    Well, when my precious lab was younger (teenager) he ate a pair of my $150.00 pair of shoes...he has good taste! Then he grabbed my hubby's money clip with about $1000.00 full of $100.00 dollar bills....and ran all around the yard for about 30 minutes before we could catch him. He ate 1 and we taped the others back together!!! He loved to eat designer sunglasses too...at least $100-200...before he would even take a bite! I could go on....


  • slugga

    My dog ate half of an abandoned tennis ball, it became lodged in his intestine and stayed there for nearly 3 months. Then one day he stopped eating and became sick. Off he went to the vet's. He had to be cut open and came back looking like a kids PJ case. Total cost for the vet £1300

  • GoingGoingGone

    Years ago I had a kitten who liked phone lines.... One day the phone rang and I answered it (not a cordless phone, the kind that was attached to the wall)... Held it to my ear, and heard no voice, but it kept ringing. It took a minute before I figured out what had happened.


  • greendawn

    As I can see pets can cause damage worth hundreds of dollars. Or need expensive treatment from loving owners, gone are the days when ppl used to shoot their hunting dogs for habitually poor performance in tracking down animals (quarry).

  • greendawn

    And once he went over a newly layed road and his paws were loaded with tar. Fortunately I noticed it quickly when he came home, otherwise if he had gone all over the sofas and dirtied them with all that tar it would have been a disaster.

  • DigitalFokus

    My dog Miller, in one day chewed up my New Vikings hoodie, (could have killed him) an expensive cordless headset for my pc and chewed on a corner of my computer tower.

    after that day, he never chewed anything else. he was a quick learner since i actually caught him doing it and not after the fact.

  • Balsam

    I've given up on pets, got tired of the damage they have done.

    I had a female dog I left in the house for one hour and she totally chewed holes in my new sofa back years ago. Don't remember what it cost but I was seeing red. Then there was my adorable cockers who chewed up every wire in the house that was attached to equipment.

    I decided I'd had enough of the destruction, and simply could not afford anymore damage from any critters. Of course I had three sons who were equally destructive. LOL

    We love our pets but boy do the cost us.

  • Calliope

    this is not necessarily about damage, but about my lil' puppy who is very well-trained and who got criticized by the neighbour that lives downstairs.

    i just moved in last week, and my lil pup (who will be 1 year in april) has been having a hard time adjusting to life without his dad (my ex). he never used to sleep on the bed and now, he sleeps in a tight lil' ball against my belly. and, he has started this cry/whimper trait this week, when i'm not in sight...

    anyway, so this morning, i was doing a load of laundry (it's a shared laundry with the person who lives below) and my neighbour walks in to get something. i apologize for the boxes i've placed outside to keep my dog from running into his yard. he agreed that was okay. then, i asked if my dog makes too much noise? which i know he doesn't when i'm home with him cause he is SOOOOO good-natured. but then again, he is a puppy so sometimes he just bounces around playing his prey/predator game. well, my neighbour proceeds to go on this rant of all this really insignificant things... in the end, my reply was, he is really well-trained but the move has been a little hard on him, so just give him a bit of time...

    in the end, i was really annoyed...

  • greendawn

    It is indeed a fact that pets can cause a disaster even cats can scratch the sofa fabric. I can imagine if a new expensive sofa set gets ruined that will result in a furious pet owner.

    Calliope you are right grumpy moaning neighbours that do not have a decent degree of patience and good will are irritating. The puppy will no doubt settle down.

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