Quote: It is not necessary for Bible translators to know Hebrew and Greek.

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  • Death to the Pixies
    Death to the Pixies

    Auldsoul:For example John 10:16, the words translated "which are not of this fold" are explained by the WTS to mean that there would be other sheep which were not IN "this fold" of spiritual Isarel that he was collecting at that time. However, the Greek even from their Kingdom Interlinear Translation plainly shows that this "of" means "out of" which would mean Jesus was referring to sheep FROM, or OUT OF two different sources with one destiny ("one flock"), not two different destinies for sheep FROM the same flock.

    Reply: I am not sure how "out of" in this context is much diff than "of". The gospel still uses the negative "ou". As far as what it means theologically is not a blow to the translation.

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