What's your favorite fast food restaurant?

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  • jt stumbler
    jt stumbler

    Burito Bettys. Great breakfast buritos.

  • Billygoat

    Here in Dallas:

    • Whataburger - Love their burgers!
    • McDonald's - Love their fries!
    • Steak and Shake - Love their ice cream shakes!

    I wish I could get all three at the same place.

    Others I love:

    • Taco Bueno - Fabulous crunchy tacos
    • Chick-Fil-A - They have great chicken, but I don't eat there anymore since I'm allergic to wheat. And they have great waffle fries and lemonade!
  • kls

    Kop's has the best hamburgers and fries ,,,,,,,,Yummy , and there malts are a meal in themselves.

    Gawd now i want some

  • *Heather*

    It's either Arby's or Mc Donald's....

  • moshe

    I like fast French food AKA- Jacque in the Box!

  • Kaput

    I guess you like to experience "Napoleon's Revenge", n'est-ce pas?

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