They came a knockin!

by DaveNwisconsin 2 Replies latest jw experiences

  • DaveNwisconsin

    Yesterday when I was at work the witnesses were in my neighborhood and left a pamphlet on the door. What happens when someone knocks on your door and you say that you are dissfellowshiped? Do they run in terror? When I was growing up there was a girl at the hall who was DF'd. Her family still went there and sometimes would bring her. I remember thinking that she was evil and that I would burn if I said hi to her. I was never baptized. If I knew that today I would go up hug her and say lets go for a beer!

  • Gretchen956

    If you say you are DFd they sometimes mark it down so the elders can come check up on you later. The way to set them running, is to tell them you are apostate. The look of deer in the headlights and then ....the sound of feet beating a retreat.


  • FairMind

    If I was with another JW I would probably just say excuse us and we would take our leave. If I was at the door by myself I would be interested in finding out if the person was df’d for immorality or for apostate thinking. If it were immorality I would figure they deserved the dfing. If it were for apostate thinking then we would perhaps have a meaningful conversation.

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