False hope and false expectations

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  • TooBad TooSad
    TooBad TooSad

    I have been feeling alot of anger the last couple of years as I reflect on my past life as being a JW since the 1960's. I often complain to my wife, who is still active but is wearing down little by little, that I am so sick and tired of hearing every meeting how close the end is. I tell her that maybe I should not worry about a retirement plan for her and I and why should I worry as my health and strength are beginning to ebb away. Her words are always the same "well even if we were not Witnesses, we would still get old and die." The problem is: I believed for over 35 years that I would not get old and die. This was drummed into our heads by the Society at every opportunity.

    As I look around the Kingdom Hall, I see so many old timers, who have believed for their entire lives that they would not get old. I am sure that when they look in the mirror, they are begining to have some doubts about not dying. What are all of these wrinkles and gray hair doing on my head? Why can't I stand up straight and walk like I used to? It is for this reason that the Society is now changing their approach about the hope that older witnesses have. It is no longer not having to die, but the wonderful hope of the resurrection. The latest Awake magazine has two big pictures of old people. One is sick in bed and the other is sitting in a rocking chair with a big look of happiness on their faces because they have the hope of the resurrection.

    The churches also teach the resurrection and living again. They have the hope of living forever but you have to die to get it. What made the witnesses different and so appealing to the masses was not having to grow old and not having to die to get your reward. Yes not having to die in order to get eternal life. The majority of Witnesses just refuse to accept these facts and no matter what you say the end is so near. This is too bad and too sad.

  • Gopher

    It is jolting to find that we've been lied to since a very young age -- we expected never to have to face up to the fact that we are mortal, and life is temporary. We were given the 'carrot and stick' treatment by the Watchtower Society: Enticement with the hope of surviving Armageddon into a world of endless youthfulness, if and only if you submitted to the Watchtower organization's theocracy.

    Now for those still inside the Watchtower's confinement comes the cognitive dissonence. Outwardly they proclaim the 'end is near'. After all, when such propaganda is endlessly repeated, it comes to be believed. Inwardly, the older ones know their end is near. Some are upset by this, others still loyally follow the organization no matter what.

    Like you say, this is too sad.

  • serendipity

    ((( too bad too sad ))) This must be very disappointing for you, and even a dangerous teaching for those who did nothing to prepare for old age. I remember when my parents got baptized, I wondered whether I'd live to see 10 years of age before Armageddon came. Here I am 40-something.

    The WTS still says the end is near, and is now encouraging young ones to pass on college. It's going to do damage to another generation of gullible people. That is too sad, too.

  • trevor

    It is sad to see so many disillusioned people trying to make sense of a wasted life. Many Witnesses who have reached middle age unmarried, childless and uneducated are told that the choices they made were their own responsibility and that the Society have never tried to predict when the “Old World” will end or tell its members how to live. It is nothing short of scandalous.

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