In time for this weekends studies: Jan 15th WT online at

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  • reexaminer

    Here's the Jan. 15 Watchtower. (complete magazine) (only study articles)

    I have some catching up to do. I just received issues from Jan 1 - Apr. 1 and will have to scan them all in. They'll be online soon though.

    [email protected]

  • Think

    Aha ! Do not allow the devil to ensnare you ! GOD ( meaning Scared to death WT Leaders) , don't want YOU to EXAMINE THE TRUTH ON THE INTERNET or read ANYTHING else, EXCEPT WAtchtowe !

    Poison proper food in proper time. Listen ONLY TO us ! We will guide you to Paradise in HELL !

  • Finally-Free

    I think the Watchtower has given good advice in telling people to stay away from apostates. I have been shunning apostates and their kingdom halls for over 2 years now, and life has never been better.


  • jstalin

    OMG - I've never actually seen a whole watchtower before. Does anyone remember that magazine called "Highlights?"

  • codeblue

    Hey..thanks for posting this thread and the link.

    With adult children still "in"....I can keep up with all the articles...haha..incase they ask me

  • Poztate

    OMG....Will we have to do online studies every Sunday now....

  • Leolaia
  • garybuss

    I laughed my ass off about this Watchtower magazine. On page 23 there's paragraphs titled, "Resist the Foremost Apostate", warning not to listen to apostates or "'examine' their Web sites on the Internet". Hahahaha!!!! There's a mole in Bethel, no doubt! The ONLY way I can get the Watchtower magazine now is to "'examine' apostate Web sites on the Internet". Hahahaha!!!! Hilarious!

  • Think


    Good point ! When I look at the article about " god don't want you to examine Internet"

    I just JUMPED right to the computer !!! Is was so funny ! What the heck they are trying to HIDE ??? Well, I THINK that some of the smart ones FINAALY will get the idea, that

    taking THE TRUTH FROM GOEBELS mouth is not healthy..... LOL

    Everybody, time to EXAMINE THE INTERNET !!!

  • AuldSoul

    I also found the Watchtower's from 1900 - 1909 on there, if that was already announced I missed it. I wonder if the others (and maybe Golden Age and/or Consolation) will go up, too?

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