If The Society REALLY Wanted To Spread The "Good News", What Would They Do?

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  • minimus

    The preaching "work" is a big JOKE!!! It accomplishes almost nothing to knock on doors while people are HomeButHiding. Phone witnessing is simply either an annoyance or a welcomed call to a lonely person with nothing else to do. Making return visits on people that you never REALLY get to spend quality time is an exercise in futility..........If the Watchtower Bible & tract Society ever truly wanted to get this "lifesaving message" across, they'd spend their billion$ of dollars to get the message out. But they don't! They try to convince people that YOU need to preach.....and if you won't, either the stones will cry out or the angels will direct "honest hearted people" to the "Truth". Now they try to shame elderly people who might be ill, hard of hearing, etc. to be "preachers". "You can at least put in 15 minutes per month for Jehovah, can't you???"

  • undercover

    TV ministry...

    It works for Pat Robertson

  • littlerockguy

    The internet. I works for "opposers".

  • minimus

    TV evangelists don't just read scripts. Everything from the Society now is manuscript. That's hardly "emotional". They need to shed tears!! Excite!! Motivate!!!.......Besides, they hate to spend all that money when they've got free slave labor.

  • truthseeker

    Minimums, I can vouch first hand that my preaching work is ineffective - the times I go out to keep the peace, I NEVER ring the door bell, I just make it look like I do.

    It's a real waste of time, especially in the cold winter months.

  • undercover
    Besides, they hate to spend all that money when they've got free slave labor.

    yea, but look at the return. Do you think con artists and scam artists get into the tele-evanglizing work because they love the Lord??

    I do agree that you need some emotion to make it work. They'd have to hire some actors or something, cause God knows the GB couldn't pull it off.

  • jgnat

    Take advantage of modern media and technology:



    Christian blog evangelism.


    Survey their target group, determine their top needs, make note of failures in the existing presentation, and adjust. It is insanity to DO MORE of the same if it is obviously failing.


    Survey the talents and abilities of their congregation, and structure the organization to best use those abilities.


    Keep the children. McDonald's understands this.



    I don't think the Watchtower Society wants dramatic growth. Dramatic growth is hard to control. They simply want the cash cow to plod along at a predictable pace.

  • Check_Your_Premises

    As Terry pointed out... the preaching work has little to do with spreading the word.

    It has everything to do with keeping the sheep in line.


  • slugga

    No they need a big budget Hollywood blockbuster

    Tim Curry as Satan

    Kevin Smith as Fat Jesus

    Throw in a lot of Armageddon scenes, New York, London, Paris, gotta have Paris getting destroyed, Americans love that. Big Ben (down Joel !) and the White house getting smashed by firery rocks

    Chuck in some Muslim types who backed the wrong side and end up getting swallowed by the earth in an earth quake scene (Set that in SF, they love that sorta thing)

    Then we need a love interest, two sweet innocent dub types that aren't married Satan tries to tempt them into doing the horizontal bop but they are saved by the intervention of a caring elderly Elder.

    We need a really nice character that's not a dub that gets killed anyway, just to show all the non dubs that being nice isn't good enough to get you through.

    We need an antagonist in the hall, someone decent on the outside but a bitch on the inside, she can be the comedy element to. She can get mauled by an escaped lion or something

    Then we can have the film end in a paradise on earth full of things like lions and tigers playing with the kiddies. Oh and to get the kids in to watch it you've gotta have DINOSAURS in there too


    Its poo but it'll make a mint!

  • minimus

    The fact is----they don't love the world of mankind! They are not interested in saving lives. They are two faced HYPOCRITES!!!!!!!!!!!

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