How do they get people to believe this one?

by A Paduan 11 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Think

    This is same as believin that only Brazilians are good people, or nazis, or communist are choosen, or... americans ? or Australians are the best people on earth ? Noooo... Naaaah... the mormons are ther best !

    No ? How about adventists ! They CLAIM THEY ARE CHOSEN ! That must be the truth ?

    No way, Hosey..... the muslims ! No ? Ok ! OK ! I know ! The Enron leaders are the choosen ones to save the planet !

    Ok, there is the tthery... that far away... on Planet Venus there are women planning to visit planet Earth... They will save us !

    YES for Venus women ! I want to be saved ONLY by Venus woman !

  • VM44

    Someday maybe the Watchtower will say the New World is already here, but it is invisible. --VM44

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