Ouch. Just gonna post 'cos no one else to listen

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    Interesting day today, spent a lot of time discussing with my friend (LDS) my really deep concerns and I feel like I'm in quite a fragile place now. The intellectual/spiritual journey I am compelled to take again is to re-tread the road to see if I still believe deep deep down. I have been on a simmering spiritual crisis for some time and this is quite a push for me that will see it resolved one way or another.

    I feel a bit naked now and spent most of the walk to and from work prayer to a so far silent heavens.

    Welcome to our world! Dude, we're all here because we travelled that same spiritual road. Perhaps you'll wind up right back where you started, perhaps not. But you'll be a better version of you for the journey. Of course it's disconcerting to haul one's beliefs out into the light and start demanding justifications from them. They get all affronted and offended and demand to know who the hell you think you are to question them. But at the end of the day, the truth is true whether we believe it or not. Place all your beliefs on the table in front of you. Whatever you find to be true, pick back up. Leave everything else behind. "I'd rather have questions I can't answer, than answers I can't question." Take care, Q, Dave

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    Ouch. Just gonna post 'cos no one else to listen

    To me, the title of the thread tells the whole tale. I wonder, "Why is there no one else to listen?" But then the answer snaps into place, it is really similar to JWs doubting the core doctrines of Faithful and Wise Servant being represented by the Governing Body, or 1914 as the return and kingship date for the Second Coming.

    It just dawned on me. You are posting here because it is safer than the LDS versions of "apostate" Web sites. If you feel you need to talk, just PM me. I'll give you my number.


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    Very tough stuff to deal with. (((Qcmbr)))

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