What would have become of mankind if Jesus Mother Mary had rejected God?

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  • booker-t

    I have always wondered about this since I was a little kid. Since Jehovah gives people free will and does not use "robots" what would have happened if Mary had told Jehovah God "no I don't want to bear any children "never"? Would Jehovah had picked another woman to give birth to Jesus or would Jehovah had to rewrite the Old testament and delete the entire book of Isaiah that prophecies "a virgin given birth to a savior"? I once asked a couple of elders years ago this question and they just could not answer me. One of the elders tried to say that Jehovah knew Mary would not reject the plan so therefore could not alter history in the making. I rebutted and told him that if Jehovah knew Mary would not reject the plan then it was not "free will". Free will means that a person has a choice not that a plan is forced upon them that would be "coercion". If Mary was just one of Jehovah's robots then she obviously did not have "free will" to chose. This is where I always get Predestinationers to have problems with their doctrine. If everything is already foreseen then Jehovah is just using "puppets". I gave the elder a good scenario. I asked him would he buy a ticket to watch the "Lakers" play if he knew that Koby would throw the game a purposely cause the Lakers to lose? The elder said "I would never go to a game if I knew the players already knew what the outcome would be." I then asked him the question again about Mary and asked him How would Jehovah prove Satan a Liar if Jehovah was pulling Mary's strings? Jehovah would actually be doing exactly what Satan accused him of doing. Satan accused Jehovah of giving his servants special treatment knowing they would following him in other words Satan accused Jehovah of "bribing" his servants to serve him in so many words. I have yet to get a clear cut answer from Jehovah' Witnesses or Christians on this.

  • nicolaou

    I just can't read a solid block of text like that, it'd be like eating a 24oz steak with no fries or salad.

    Paragraphs and spacing are your friend!

  • IP_SEC

    He did not really give Mary a choice. He took her zeus style. Hey isnt that what the fallen angels did? WTF?

  • james_woods

    For that matter, why didn't God know that Adam was bound to eat the fruit because of Satan and Eve? Doesn't he know everything?

    I actually saw some idiotic answer to this in the WT once that said "God could have known but that he "hid it from himself".

    Sounds to me like those glasses in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy that could sense things that might scare you and flip down like blinders just before the bad vision came...

  • Forscher

    He would've probably found another. Mary wasn't the only descendent of David around at the time.


  • Narkissos

    Following on Forscher's idea, perhaps Mary was not the first girl he "proposed"... and we just never knew about the other ones.

  • just2sheep

    i agree with narkissos. i was going to say that she was the one that said yes. i always wondered who the snitch would've been if judas had said no; but since he didn't we'll never know. i believe it had to be someone but not neccesarily judas to betray jesus, the same with mary, someone had be the babies mother and she was the one. as for adam i'm not sure which scenario would work. but as a bad son myself, and considering what we know about the condition called human, i think sometimes people just do stupid things.

    and sometimes innocent people get hurt, i'm not sure whether adam was stupid or evil--but i prefer to think stupid because i understand that!!!

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