This is disquieting, a coworker "borrowed" my file

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  • Billygoat


    I think you have a valid reason to be annoyed. I would be too. And unfortunately for me, I might not be as humorous or diplomatic as you. But I respect the fact that you handled it so cool. It's an example I know I need to follow.


  • Sunnygal41
    I hate it when people screw around with stuff on my desk. I have everything where I want it to be and some stuff is organized in such a way that I know what I've looked and and handled and what I haven't gotten to yet. My father thinks he knows my system and shoves things where they don't belong on the days I'm not here all the damn time. Pisses me off like you wouldn't believe. In my opinion, people should keep their hands off the things on another person's desk unless a) there's an emergency or b) you've given them permission!

    I worked with a fellow employee who totally ignored every one's personal boundaries all the time. She quite literally almost drove me to a nervous breakdown. I would NEVER touch a thing on someone's me that's "personal space territory". I've never worked in large corporate offices, Dave, so I don't think I know what goes without saying, but, I do agree with what Robert Fulghum said: "Everything I know, I Learned in Kindergarten" and we learned that it was not acceptable to grab stuff from other kids, and especially if it belonged to them. To me it's not we who have the problem, it's these people who don't have the innate sense of personal boundaries.


  • Sunnygal41
    I'm a beta male, so I have to be on guard against more aggressive males in the workplace, and in general.

    LMAO! Too funny Dan! It also made me think of the time when me and the BF had broken up, and he stopped by to say hi, and he went into the kitchen to get water and as he walked past the garbage can, he dropped his empty cigarette pack in.........and SAID: "psssst, there, I just marked my territory"...........

  • kgfreeperson

    Dave, this is a big deal and I really admire the way you handled it. Have you gotten the program requirements back yet? I wonder if you said something like "its okay with me if you want to make a copy, but I really need them back now". Whatever, I think you've handled the situation really well.

  • purplesofa
    Ok, ok. I *am* making too much of this, aren't I? It's just a project, and it's HIS project for god's sake. It's only reasonable that he would feel some level of ownership over the artifacts of the project. Right?

    I in thr furniture business for awhile.......a buyer. I went to a store in Texas to be Manager. To make a long story short............a youth drug rehab place needed everything redone........bedrooms.....lobbys..offices......etc etc.........The wife of a husband that worked at the rehab was a sales person at the store.........He expertise was in make-up, not furniture.

    Little by little I had to step in to help her, (the client was in California) until the client asked me to take it over.

    It was a huge sale.........and she would still get commission on it.......but did not do the work. I was in the very last stages of closing the deal and getting the check! I was orchastrating(sp) truckloads of furniture to come in.

    I was off one Saturday, and she went through my desk and got the file on this project.

    I was livid. I talked to the owner about it and he did not think it was any big deal.........

    I wound up quitting this job, over this issue.

    So, I do not agree at all that he could take something off YOUR desk without your permission. I think you have every right to be upset. It meant enough to me, the principle, to QUIT!


  • Honesty

    Send him an invoice.

    He didn't 'borrow' YOUR file.

    He rented it.

  • AlmostAtheist
    Send him an invoice.

    He didn't 'borrow' YOUR file.

    He rented it.

    I'm LOVIN' this idea, because I now need one of the things that the returned file was missing! Argh!!!

    I have what amounts to an IOU for the item, which as you can imagine, isn't as useful as the actual item.


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