Tricks you use to weigh less

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  • BrendaCloutier

    ((( KLS )))) You cant be more than what, 9 or 10 pounds? Soaking wet??

  • AuldSoul

    I'll let 'em tell my wife how much my body weighed after they take out my usable donated organs and before they cook me bones to ash. I refuse to obsess over weight, I think that is where a lot of the weight associated stress comes from. Note: There is not one shred of credible evidence I am aware of that supports that delusion.


  • kls
    ((( KLS )))) You cant be more than what, 9 or 10 pounds? Soaking wet??

    10 1/2 before i use the corner and 9 when i am done . I never get soaking wet , it does terrible things to my fur

  • JH

    I can't button my jeans anymore. I ate too much chicken for dinner.

  • kls

    Yummy chicken and you didn't even share

    It's all about food isn't it Sounds good to me

  • whyamihere

    Stop every time.


  • CountryGuy
    At weight watchers, wear the same clothes each time you get weighed. And use the restroom first.

    Did I mention use the restroom?

    BINGO! I always go to the restroom before I weigh. Actually, truth be known, I go before and after.... (Is the TMI? Just in case you wondered, I'm usually about 0.5 to 1.0 lighter.)

    CountryGuy: who's lost 87lbs since last July

  • Carmel

    Get a hair cut!


  • FairMind

    I like to weigh right after a long hard workout. I have dropped as much as seven pounds (sweat) this way. Of course, by the next day the weight is back. Another approach (which I used years ago) is to take a good dose of Epsom salts and after it is through working you, weigh. There will definitely be a noticeable weight loss.

  • Elsewhere
    Wasn't it Elsewhere who posted his little secret this summer? Weigh yourself after your morning "deposit"

    Who me?

    Hey now, we were having a "Make the most stupid thread" contest!!!

    I'm sure one could quickly loose a good 30 pounds by cutting off a leg.

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