Universal Sovereignty

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  • joelbear

    okay, that's the big deal right. why billions of people have to starve to death, why millions of witnesses trudge door to door and live perfectly chaste live.

    so here is the history of Jehovah's Universal Sovereignty

    In the beginning there was God. well I reckon if your the only entity about then you are the sovereign, so cool for Jehovah. he has the right to rule himself.

    Then Jesus. God now has the right to rule Jesus and himself. Jesus is agreeable one assumes to this arrangement. there are now two entities in the universe but only one lead dog, errr god.

    then the angels are created by the millions 10's of thousands of 10's of thousands. Jesus explains the arrangement. His dad is boss. no argument from the angels. one is not sure what they would have to argue over since there is just them, the big guy and junior.

    then the universal infrastructure is created, still no problem. the angels go cool, lots of rocks to fly around.

    lower life forms, they are so cute, but they can't rule themselves, so no problem.

    then, one man and one woman are created. trillions of stars and planets exist, billions of life forms exist in the sea, air and land, but we're thinkng one man and one woman will do the trick. This drives Satan crazy. sure, God can rule over billions of angels, lizards, trees, and Jesus, but by golly, he ain't ruling over this one man and woman without a challenge. you know what happens next.

    so one man and one woman decide for the universe that maybe, just maybe, god doesn't deserve universal sovereignty. no matter than billions of angels still submit to this authority. that is not as important as the one man and woman. so mankind must suffer. of course satan and later the demons don't suffer, they just get to cause trouble and have fun and fornicate with women and have a jolly time, no record of them getting disease or starving to death etc. no that's left to the descendents of the man and woman.

    then we hear about Job, gave up everything to prove Jehovah deserved to rule over him. hmmm, one might think. is this good enough to prove it, i mean one man rebelled and now one man sacrafices everything to not rebel. nuh uh, we need more.

    Noah proves faithful right to the end, the whole world is destroyed. noah and his family good enough. nope.

    so billions of cancerous, plague filled, mentally ill, deformed children, agonizing lives and deaths later, the issue still isn't proven even though 136,000 chosen ones have proven faithful to the death. nope nope, not enough to prove the point yet, gotta keep the suffering going. a few million dead africans from aids, maybe another flu pandemic or two. we'll show that Adam who has the right to decide right and wrong by golly.

    i mean, is this the stupidest thing you have ever heard or what?

  • IP_SEC
    i mean, is this the stupidest thing you have ever heard or what?


  • acadian

    What was the question again? LOL

  • truthsetsonefree

    Ad to this that esus came to earth, gave his life for everyone, proved absolutely that Satn is a liar. So another 2000 years pass, no change. Guess that wasn't good enough either.

  • joelbear

    good point truth, thanks for the thought

  • DannyHaszard

    Danny Haszard's apostate Jehovah's Witness cartoon pass it around freely

  • amused

    Well.....when you put it that way.

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