Double Lives

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  • Honesty

    Does the Watchtower Society's rules and regulations promote healthy spiritual attitudes or do they have the opposite result?

    The reason I ask is because it seems as if many JW's I know are leading dual lives.

    One life around JW friends and family and another hidden life when they are in places and situations where other JW's don't see them.

  • Wild_Thing

    The organization's policies promote deceit, hypocrisy, and people living double lives. There's nothing healthy about it.

  • skyman

    There is another double life that is when you are around other JW's that are on the same wave length they can party hard and not get caught. This happens all the time.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    More than anything i think it is the shame that causes many to lead the "doubble life". Shame of simply doing what they choose to do, instead of what they are simply told to do. They simply can't reconcile things in their minds and so decide to hide who they are. I feel bad for such ones who become torn between themselves and organization, mainly because it seems like organization almost allways wins.

  • ButtLight

    I think the double lives are done by those who stay in for family and friends. They get to keep them, and they dont get caught having a good time at the bar by the elders, cause they aint in there lol!

  • theinfamousone

    the honest truth is, its impossible not to lead a double life if you want to be a JDUB!!! i mean really, theyre not allowed to watch Austin Powers, not allowed to kiss, not allowed to have pre marital sex, not allowed to think for themselves, not allowed to listen to vulgar music, not allowed to further their education, not allowed to smile outside of the kingdom hall (and even then its risky), not allowed to eat bananas, not allowed to look someone of the opposite sex in the eyes, not allowed to breathe smoggy air....

    theyre all liars, cuz they all HAVE to do things theyre not allowed to do because its inhuman to not do them.... i hate to say it, but i dont know any active jdubs who do not lie constantly and lead a double life.. maybe thats part of the cult...

    the infamous one


    I am leading a double life right now.. I am "feeding at the table of demons and at Jehovah's table"

  • collegegirl21

    I am leading a double life. Trust me, its not easy. Sometimes I even get confused and accidently say things around my parents that are meant to be said around people I go to college with. And my parnets just look at me, lol. Oh well, if they would just listen, I wouldn't have to fake.

  • jojochan

    I have to comment on this....

    As long as one is a witness their LIFE is one of dualism. My father said that,"as witnessess we do live a life of duality. Our lives are indeed complex to say the least."

    As if they're some friggin' superhero.

    And that's how they actually feel like. In fact....that's how I used to feel.


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