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  • Sparkplug

    Hi Ladies and Gentlemen, I've been reading your comments, I am not a JW, My daughter is dating a boy at school who is a JW and he always talks about not celebrating Holidays, and what they believe and don't believe because of their JW faith. I wanted to find a website that I could see (for Myself) the JW beliefs, I thought is this for real? My Family enjoys celebrating Valentines Day, because it is a day we go out a buy the children a rose, and a big heart box of candy, I remember as a kid it was a special treat to get a big heart, then we would save the box for special mementos and notes. We would also save the cards to read over and over throughout the year. I enjoyed looking at the cards because they were so victorian and romantic looking, especially the vintage cards. I also enjoy cooking a special meal on this day, setting the table especially nice with valentine decorations and eating by candlelight. The children enjoy this and believe me with children it's nice to have a special day out of the year to treat them with flowers and candy and let them know they are sweethearts. My husband and I celebrate also by giving each other flowers and a piece of jewelry which I would not want to do a daily, weekly or monthly basis but a couple times a year when a special Holiday or Our Anniversary rolls around it's nice. I believe we enjoy the days that are not Holidays by going camping, going out to eat, going to the mountains, horseback riding, shopping, visiting family and friends, having friends over, going to Theme Parks etc. I would like to sum this up by saying I believe a person can celebrate a special holiday and still be a sweetheart every day,and I would not want the candy, flowers or the all out extra effort everyday. "

    babs posted this on another thread. May I be the first to welcome you officially? Welcome! Glad to have you babs!
  • Sparkplug

    Well it must be a slow night. Usually the welcome mat is burning up by now!

  • Super_Becka

    It's a little slow here tonight, it's late and I think that most people here are in bed.

    It's really late here, I'm going to bed, I'll post in the morning.

    Welcome to the board babs!!

    -Becka :)

  • moggy lover
    moggy lover

    Hi, Babs and welcome.

    Hmmm dating a jaydubya? I hope he's a nice bloke. If he is anything like I was when I was a 'teen [gawd - when was that? the 60s?] I'd have to think again. I was the only member of my family to become a jaydubya and I was an arrogant little shit. My mum was constantly embarrased at my antics before family friends at gatherings such as birthdays, Christmas etc. It is only now, with the hindsight afforded by age and experience, that I realise how offensive I truly was. I wish that I could apologise to all those long-suffering people to whom I was so impertinent.

    By all means keep us posted and remember that you're among friends here.


  • ferret

    Welcome Babs Have a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY.

  • Legolas

    Welcome to the board!

    Any questions, just ask away we will help if we can!

  • Balsam

    Hi Bab's,

    Glad you found us here, and find the answers your looking for. Your daughters boy friend will benefit from his association with your family. Kid was raised in a cult but it is best not to say that to him. Be kind to him supportive and let him know your family will be there for him. I know for me my friends with people I considered worldly (not a JW) really gave me the support I needed to get out of the JW's.


  • collegegirl21

    I'm a newbie also, but welcome!

  • AuldSoul

    Babs and Collegegirl21,

    Sorry, I have been tied up today preparing to sweep my lady off her feet all over again and I accomplished my goal. She's still a JW but she celebrated Valentine's Day today. Yipee!

    To both of you, stick around. This place will help you find your self that has been hiding under the WTS shadow.

    Wipe your feet and stay as long as you like. Feed the trolls at your own risk.


  • AuldSoul

    Babs, You will find out more than you ever thought there was to know about that religion. You will be in a particularly good position to help the young man get free from their controlling patterns of thought, you have a more immediate carrot. One thing they don't believe is dating outside their religion. It is your choice, of course, whether to try and help the kid to wake up. I'll help you any way I can. Respectfully,

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