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    Regarding nursing care plans for Jehovah's Witnesses: (observations from 25 yrs in nursing)

    In a critical care setting: they won't welcome a visit from the hospital chaplain or want prayer said by anyone but a witness. They don't believe in guardian angels or dead loved ones 'waiting' for them in heaven. They believe you 'sleep' in death, so a comforting thing to say to a dying witness is, "You've done a great job, well done, you can rest now." as opposed to "take Jesus' hand and go with Him" (that wouldn't make sense to them).

    In an extended care area, they won't attend a service in the chapel (even non-denominational or inter-denominational). They won't go to a 'gospel sing' or Christmas carol. They won't gamble--so no casino night or bingo. They may not want to socialize with 'worldly' people much, and will try to preach to other patients. They will need good lighting and somewhere prominent in their room for their Bible and literature. In a Catholic facility, they won't want a crucifix on their wall in the room.

    I know I'm rambling, but you are also welcome to p.m. me. I was raised a witness, out 25 years.

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