Do you agree with national I.D. cards?

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  • ozziepost

    Appearing in today's Reuters news is this item about I.D. cards to come in the U.K.

    Australia is once again raising the idea for downunder. (It was defeated in a referendum some years back.)

    How'd you feel about having I.D. cards?

    Blair wins vote on national identity cards 8:40 AM February 14

    British Parliament has voted to introduce national identity cards, giving Prime Minister Tony Blair victory on a major tests of his authority.

    The House of Commons, Parliament's lower chamber, passed the bill by 310 votes to 279.

    The measure was first approved in October but was blocked in the Upper House last month.

    Some lawmakers from Mr Blair's Labour party and Opposition deputies have argued identity cards will not improve national security, will erode civil liberties and are too costly.

    Mr Blair has a nominal majority in parliament of 64 but faces rebellions in his ranks and a resurgent Conservative opposition under new leader David Cameron.

    This week's parliamentary votes are seen as key to proving he can still get laws passed.

    His next big test comes on Wednesday when lawmakers vote on anti-terrorism legislation.

    The Bill scraped through Parliament by one vote last time, but was also halted by the Upper House.

    - Reuters

    Source: Reuters

  • Gerard

    I am in favor of always carrying an official photo ID. Such as driver's licence.

  • ozziepost


    Downunder a driver's license has become a defacto I.D. card even though there's a law here which prohibits any merchant requesting the sighting of a driver's license specifically as an I.D.

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    If the government are going to make us pay for them, I object! They're suggesting £100

    Still for now we'll only have to get one when we get a new passport - so if I don't get a passport i'll be ok!

  • ozziepost

    G'day Sad emo:

    we'll only have to get one when we get a new passport

    That's interesting - so how would that work? Surely the passport is a photo I.D. ?

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    That's how crazy our Government is ozzie!!

    Apparently everyone getting a new passport from 2008 onwards has to get an ID card too.

    You're quite right, why can't we just have passports? I honestly think this is just another money-making racket.

  • Golf
  • Buster

    The US has had a national ID initiative in some form or another over the last 10 years or so.

    I do oppose such initiatives. I oppose them because of the direction they take us. Supporters express short-term benefits like national security and immigration reform. But I fear they are another step in federalisation, authorities taken from the states.

    Also, proponents of national ID cards come up a bit light on restricting their usage. I foresee national driver's licenses, governmental tracking of movement, governmental tracking of purchases. We already have way too much of that. Even if it is possible, it will take decades to correct the erosion of personal rights in this country.

    I oppose giving our government any new tools.

  • Golf

    It's just an up-to-date version in keeping track of us. When will they make chip implants compulsory? Will the day come when we won't have to carry purses and wallets? How about a cash-less society?

    We have birth & marriage certificates, drivers license, social security numbers, bank accounts, hmmmmmmmmm can you think of others? Where are heading folks with this I.D. thing?


  • slugga

    They'll be micro chipping us next just like dogs !

    I'm against it. It reeks of Big Brother.

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