1 Peter 3:15 - Why doesn't the WTS address it.?

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  • Gregor

    1 Peter 3: 14-15-16. Read all three verses to frame the context of vs. 15 " ...be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear."

    Hey, I'm no Fred Franz but this scripture seems pretty easy to understand. Peter starts this letter by reminding everyone of all the fantastic things that this new born faith was promising, the return of Christ, redemption for all, etc. The above verses make perfect sense...

    v14-"A lot of people are going to ridicule you and your strange ideas, they may even persecute you. What should you do?? Don't fret, be calm and unafraid v15-YOU MUST HAVE A CLEAR UNDERSTANDING IN YOUR OWN HEART SO YOU CAN LISTEN TO THEIR QUESTIONS AND TRY TO EXPLAIN YOUR BELIEF, ALL IN A SPIRIT OF HUMILITY AND RESPECT. v16- If you have done this to the best of your ability and they still treat you badly, you will shame them by your reasoning in peace and good faith."

    Obviously Peter was referring to hostile, adversarial opponents to the faith. People who made no bones about their opposition to the new belief. He was not talking about people who were just asking nice questions during a free home Bible study.

    So, isn't it revealing that the WTS doctrines are so weak they have to counsel JWs to NOT EVEN LISTEN to those who question their faith. (I picture a five year old with his hands over his ears while he chants, 'blahblahblahblah'.) And if they write down their questions on a piece of paper and hand it to you then you must not even open it. Tear it up and throw it in the garbage.

    Remember 1 Peter 3:15 the next time you answer to door on Saturday AM.

  • IronClaw

    Good point Gregor, I tried to reason with my wife using this very scripture. All I got in response was that she wasn't going to throw her pearls before swine.

  • moggy lover
    moggy lover

    The trick, I think lies in word-meanings.The jay-dubyas are trained to convert the word "listen'' into ''ignore'' and the word ''discuss'' is made to mean ''dogmatically assert'' and ''what the Bible says'' is changed into ''what the Watchtower Society says the Bible says''

    So, in plain English, the greeting at the door which should be: "Good morning, I am here to listen to your thoughts and to discuss the Scriptures with you and to show you what it says" is by some linguistic alchemy converted into: "Good morning I am here to ignore your thoughts [because you are obviously wrong] and to dogmatically assert what the Watchtower Society says the Bible says [and you can go get stuffed if you dont want to hear my meaasge]"


  • bonnzo

    i asked a witness once why should we (im still one) be afraid of "apostate" literature. if we have the "truth", wont it stand on its own? wouldnt the ability to scripurally destroy apostate literature build up your faith? im still waiting for an answer from him.

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