WTS statistics

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  • DannyBloem

    Thank you all.

    Did not find exactly what I was looking for, but some very handy numbers I did find.

    Hello dear Belgian friend !

    If you understand French, go there (statistics since 1970) :




    Thank you, this site is nice. My friench is not very good, but enough to read the site. merci
  • Think

    To my knowledge, I will not trust the numbers, they are forced, manipuladed and cooked, just to show to look god and show increase.

    If you ask them, how they arrived at any numbers, and show to you on paper, there will be a LONG SILENCE.

    The hours reported as in preaching work are a joke, as we already know. There come the proof: How is that, that in many countries, including USA there is O ( exactly: Big ZERO) in increase of members, regardles Millions and millions and millions of hours spended in so called "Ministry work" ?

    Trully, this Cult is just a big JOKE.

    Look nice on paper ? AHA !

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