Pioneers and New Releases!

by DwainBowman 17 Replies latest jw friends

  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds

    that makes zero sense. it's not like they'll even know who the pioneers are anyway.

    not to mention they haven't even decided if they'll be doing day and date digital releases

  • DwainBowman

    You totally missed the first part of what I said. It was said from the platform, of the congregation I am stuck in! My brother in law is an elder in another congregation. We were talking about it over coffee this week. There are three old time pioneers in his cong, that are very upset over this issue! Neither of them have tablets. Two are late 70's, the other is a little younger. All three live on very tight incomes!

    I guess these two elder bodies, just add their own spin, gid knows the bunch I have to be around have been known for that type of things!


  • brandnew
    Just a reason to all of a sudden ....not have enough at the assembly.....cmon......OH RAN OUT!!! PIONEERS MUST HAVE BROKE THE LAW! !
  • brandnew
    Thus forcing many jw's to download......
  • Kanon

    If this were true a letter would have leaked about it by now (all other letters do).

    So they are denying the 70 year old pioneer sister who (cant afford a tablet) has been in the service since she was 16 accesses to a hard copy. I think not.

    I have heard a lot of craziness said from the platform does not mean it is doctrine.


    To start setting the tone that from now on you start downloading and printing your own stuff - so the Piousneers have to lead the way ??

  • prologos
    Strange, it used to be. that we then pioneers received a free copy, by showing our pioneer "card" or using the "free" meal tickets.
  • _Morpheus
    People people people.... This is at worst one small group of eldersakijg something up on their own. Nothing to see here. Move along

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