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  • Oroborus21

    I did not know before that the Nation of Islam had a 1914 belief that was akin to that of JWs.

    I thought this was interesting is all.

    Does anyone know whether this is a current teaching of theirs? (Googling it myself now...) but just thought I would throw it out to the knowledgeable crowd here....


  • Clam

    I've never heard that one Oroborus. Here's a good list of most end of the world predictions though.

    The one I like is the Pope adding 666 years to the foundation of Islam. Ha.

  • DannyHaszard

    William Miller 'great disappointment) spin-offs are entrenched everywhere Danny's multi-media page The Millerites: Armageddon (History Channel) modem (low bandwidth) version DSl/Cable (high bandwidth) version

  • RR

    The founder of The Nation of Islam, although never a Bible Student / Jehovah's Witness mentioned both Russell and Rutherford in his writings, claiming they were two of the best white men who ever lived.

    He relied on much of Rutherford's interpretations. Substituting Rutherford's Christendom for "whitey".

    There is a mutual respect between both groups. I recall several times while street witnessing in Jersey City, NJ in the early mornings, meeting up with members of the Nation offering their literature, They would wave at us, or stop and we would shake hands, they would refer to us as "brothers."

    It wasn't until later, when I did some research that I found references to Judge Rutherford, and his apocalyptic writings.

    So in essence, Rutherford as racist as he was, may very well have given birth to a black movement.


  • gumby
    So in essence, Rutherford as racist as he was, may very well have given birth to a black movement.


    I take it you mean....." may have given birth to a "new teaching" to a black movement".

    Nice to hear from you again RR


  • stillajwexelder

    This thread is a very useful resource thankyou

  • RR

    Here is a link:

    Notice the following quotes:

    B. Not much is known about Fard's early life nor why he
    loathed the traditional Christian church. At some point
    he embraced the teachings of the Watchtower Society
    (Jehovah's Witnesses), a Christian cult that departs
    from most of the cardinal doctrines of historic
    Christianity. Going from house to house in black
    neighborhoods, Fard knocked on doors, handed out tracts
    and tried to convince blacks to leave the church. As he
    gained a following he took his new converts from the
    Watchtower to Islam and from the Bible to the Quran.

    and ....

    6. In apparent agreement with the Jehovah's Witnesses
    and in contradiction to the belief of orthodox
    Islam, Black Muslims deny the existence of hell or
    any kind of physical existence after death. Elijah
    M. believed the teaching of hell was originated by
    whites to enslave blacks. The reasoning being that
    they could endure slavery knowing that they would
    be free in the life hereafter.

    7. Just as the Jehovah Witnesses taught that the world
    would end in 1914, Black Muslims believe that 1914
    was the beginning of the end for the white race.
    Whites have reigned for 6000 years but 1914 was the
    beginning of the end. Elijah M. prophesied that
    Allah would intervene in the 1970's and destroy the
    white race in the battle of Armageddon and put
    blacks in control. Louis Farrakhan currently
    teaches that armageddon is near for the white race
    and that a UFO in the shape of a wheel is waiting
    in space to destroy white man. In his discourse on
    numerology in Washington (Oct.'95) he may have been
    indicating that this event could be in '96.
    Farrakhan is known for his rather quaint
    conclusions drawn from numerology (the mystical use
    of numbers).
  • West70

    FIRPO CARR addresses this topic in his book: "Jehovah's Witnesses: The African American Enigma -- A Contemporary Study".

    In Chapter 3, "Shadow Nation - Witness Influence On The Nation of Islam", CARR discloses that every major figure in the history of the Nation of Islam has had intimate contact with Jehovah's Witnesses at some point in their lives:

    Muhammad Fard, founder of the Nation of Islam, was a fan and student ofJoseph F. Rutherford, the second President of the WatchTower Society. Fard openly encouraged his NOI followers to read WatchTower literature and listen to "Judge Rutherford's" radio tirades against all societal institutions. NOI doctrine was heavily influenced by WatchTower doctrine.

    Elijah Muhammad, the second NOI leader, openly praised Charles Taze Russell (WatchTower founder) and J. F. Rutherford, as well as WatchTower doctrine.

    Malcolm X'sformative years were shaped by WatchTower doctrinewhen he attended Kingdom Hall meetings with his Mother and siblings. Malcolm later renewed his relationship with the WatchTower Society when he studied with a JW while in prison.

    Louis Farrakhan's mother was a JW, and he regularly attended meetings at the Kingdom Hall as a youngster. Farrakhan's doctrine is heavily shaped by WatchTower doctrine.

    Khallid Abdul Muhammad, one time NOI spokesman and New Black Panther Party leader, was reared by a JW aunt, who took him to meetings at the Kingdom Hall.

  • Londo111

    Wow, one learns something new everyday.

    Now NOI is being influenced by Scientology and Farrakhan is all into Dianetics.

  • OrphanCrow

    Yeah, new to me too, Londo.

    I was going to post the Scientology update on this thread and you beat me to it!

    Here is an article I found about the alliance between Scientology and the Nation of Islam:

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