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  • jaffacake
    Someone on a recent thread observed that JWism seems to be a route to atheism. I think it can be. But many other religions fail people too after which atheism appears to be the most plausible answer.
    Driving to work last week I heard Thought for the Day on my car radio, which made a link between religion & atheism.
    Here is an exerp from the Radio 4 website:

    Chief Rabbi Dr Jonathan Sacks

    …..The growth of science in the seventeenth century came about after a long period of religious wars throughout

    That was why the Royal Society was formed in 1660…. so that people could be "directed by the great schoolmistress of reason - experience." Francis Bacon, another key figure in the rise of science, said that the cause of atheism was "divisions in religion, if they be many". became secular not because people lost faith in God, but because they lost faith in the ability of people of God to live peaceably with one another.

    Today the world is moving in the opposite direction - not because we've lost faith in science, but because science for good reasons of its own doesn't answer our deepest questions: Who are we? Why are we here? By what standards shall we live? But the return to religious or ethnic identities carries with it all the dangers it had in the 17th century: conflict, anger, the clash of worldviews, a loss of faith in the political process, and a turn instead to direct action and violence. The seventeenth century was a dangerous time to live, and so, thus far, is the twenty-first.

    The liberal democratic state emerged only after devastating religious conflict, and a new social contract whereby each citizen renounced violence in favour of the state, which was charged with protecting us from violence. The religious name for such a contract is covenant; and that is what we must now renew. Society is the home we build together - and if violence wins, we will lose freedom itself: so hard to build, so easy to destroy.

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  • stillajwexelder

    wise words indeed - I alwys like listening to Dr Sachs

  • JAVA

    “Most of the people in this world believe that the Creator of the universe has written a book. We have the misfortune of having many such books on hand, each making an exclusive claim as to its infallibility . . . however: ‘respect’ for other faiths, or for the views of unbelievers, in not an attitude that God endorses.”
    “The idea that any one of our religions represents the infallible word of the One True God requires an encyclopedic ignorance of history, mythology, and art even to be entertained.” (pages 13, 16) “The End of Faith” by Sam Harris.
    I'm reading 3 or 4 books at this time, and the above quotes came into mind when I read this thread.

  • unclebruce

    Thanks Jaffacake,

    WW1 & WW11 proved that when pushed to the limits of human endurance, men loose faith in God long before they loose faith in each other.

    During WW1 the Australian government wanted to know wether they should 'sent priests to administer to the spirituasl needs of the men'. After extensive research on the western front, the Australian Army concluded that there were no believers in the trenches. Morale was high, trust in authority was low, and the God of organised religion was dead and buried as an idea for human comfort. So the Australian Government sent no priests to the western front.

    Since Paulian Christianity is rooted in piety and division how can its adherants do other than to hurt & hate? Organised Religion is a snake and a rabbit I tell ya!

    disorganised taoist unc

  • daystar

    Religion as a portal to atheism? As it should be.

    because science for good reasons of its own doesn't answer our deepest questions: Who are we? Why are we here? By what standards shall we live?

    That's because those questions are questions to which we much each find our own, personal, answers.

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