What are your favorite aromas?

by Lady Lee 37 Replies latest jw friends

  • alamb

    Lilacs! A baby's head. The back of a man's neck while he's cooking BACON!

  • GentlyFeral

    Mmmm... Lady Lee, I agree with you about freshly washed babies and fresh-air-dried linens.

    Hazelnut oil. I've just started using it. I don't actually notice much difference in cooked foods, but it's worth the pleasure of opening the bottle and getting that whiff of toasted nuts!

    Garlic. Garlic garlic garlic.

    Patchouli, Tigress cologne, or John the Conqueror oil; in fact, anything earthy or woody. Fresh wood shavings, damp earth. Jasmine flowers.

    Cigar smoke - but only while the cigar is still lit. Gotta be fresh.

    Fresh basil.

    And of course, A Certain Plant - not the sour-fragranced species, but the ones that smell like the Essence of All Things Green.

    gently feral

  • Nosferatu

    There's a few things:

    - The smell of spring. There's nothing like the combination of the wet ground, the wet leaves, and even the defrosted dog poop that has collected over the winter.

    - Escape for Women.

    - Escape for Women combined with the smell of leather. YUM!

    - A naked woman before sex

    - Maxell CrO2 cassettes

    - WD-40

    - Air Wick "Country Kettle". It's the same smell as the air freshener that I used in my first car, which was called "Berries n Spice". Unfortunately, they don't make that car freshener anymore.

  • Purza

    Freshly baked bread.

    The smell of my husband's skin.

    The smell of Yosemite in the summer time = lots of good camping memories. I still go every year and always roll my window down as we enter the valley so I can inhale deeply.


  • ballistic

    Nutmeg - I've never seen it, tasted it, felt it or anything else... but I bought a Nutmeg soap and it smelt lovely.

  • Super_Becka

    - The ocean (that's the North Atlantic for me) - Christmas trees (or pine trees in general) - Lilacs

    - Fresh laundry just off the clothesline on a summer day

    - Cookies baking in the oven

    - My boyfriend's cologne

    - My boyfriend when he's just out of the shower

    - Candles just blown out on a birthday cake

    - Ivory soap

    - Old Spice cologne (reminds me of my grandfather)

    - Outside just after a light rainshower

    - Winter

    - Fall air

    - Spring

    - Summer breezes

    - fresh cut grass

    - Turkey dinner

    - My dad's homemade turkey soup

    Mmm, I'm sure there are lots more, too.

    -Becka :)

  • Mulan

    Lilies. I got a lot of flowers, from friends, when my father died. The lilies just smelled up the house so nicely. I had to throw them out today. They were so nice while they lasted though.

    I also love the smell of:

    baby powder
    fresh baked bread
    cinnamon rolls (I don't like to eat them though............they taste great, but I feel like crap afterwards)
    Indian restaurants
    Hawaii, especially in the mornings............the smell of that place is indescribable
    Steak.............and mine is ready so have to go eat

  • ballistic
    the smell of that place is indescribable

    LOL, Mulan - I've yet to smell Hawaii but that sounded just so English...

  • Chimene

    A baby head! most definitely.

    Cinnamon sticks in a pot on the stove with water on low

    Live Christmas tree

    Fresh baked bread

  • bikerchic

    Clinique has a perfume called Aromatics Elixer. I LOVE that scent!

    Minimus who knew! That is my signature perfume.

    One of my favorite things to do is ride my bike. I love riding through the neighborhood and smelling the different smells like food cooking, freshly cut grass, the flowers as I ride by, the new rain hitting the pavement, fireplaces burning, b-b-ques cooking and oh the country air riding in the farm land. Also something here I've never experienced before is the musky smell of swamps or whatever the water places here are called, it's heaven. A desert dust storm brewing~~~~~~ride like the wind~~~~~~fast!

    The ocean
    The smell of babies
    Nutrogena Bath Oil
    Zest bath soap
    Hubby after he's showered and hubby before and after, ummmm yeah oh well.......
    Flowers, plants and the soil while working in my garden
    The forest
    The rain
    My dog after he's been groomed
    Flowers of all kinds
    Food cooking especially Italian
    Food baking, breads, cookies and right now Chocolate Mint Girl Scout Cookies----Yum!
    Sandalwood reminds me of my Grandma
    Pine trees
    My house especially after a long time away
    French fries!
    Coffee brewing

    Okay now I'm officially hungry and homesick.

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