Kingdom Halls and snow days

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  • Virgochik

    Our meetings were cancelled a few times where I grew up, south of Chicago. The lake effect blizzards were blinding to drive in, and we could get several inches in a few hours time. There were just as many times when they should've been cancelled, and weren't! This led to many going out on unsafe roads and in poor conditions.On those nights, hardly anybody else showed up, and the meeting was cut short. Whee-hoo!

  • SomeGeek

    Ok so I was talking to a freind about this and she had an interesting insite: how do they list school closings? Well I looked into and the list by county.
    She figured they might list by public/private/charter. It still doesn't make sense to me. I plan on contacting the staion directly 1st thing in the morning.

  • TheListener

    I have never heard of a congregation allowing their meeting cancellation to be put on the radio with the other closings.

    Each CBSO is supposed to call each member of their bookstudy group to alert them of the meeting being cancelled or rescheduled. That would cover every active and not-so-active individual in the congregation.

    I seem to remember a letter for the elders to this affect as well.

  • fairchild

    Our meetings were cancelled very often in wintertime, especially the book study. The place I went to for the book study was on top of a huge hill. When the wind picked up, the snow drifts would be so bad, one could barely get there. In such situations, we would go to the KH for the book study, but even at the KH the study got cancelled quite often.

  • undercover

    On more than one occassion we had meetings cancelled due to weather on a night when I had a talk. It was great.

    But when meetings were cancelled, the book study conductors were in charge of calling each family in his group to let them know the meeting was cancelled. An announcement made through the local media was never done. That whole not being part of the world thing, I guess, or, just another sign of being in a cult.

  • IMustBreakAway


    My meeting was canceled sunday.. (wasn't any snow hardly on the roads..) But no one seemed to think they should call and tell us.. So wife and I all prettied up went to lunch.

  • SomeGeek

    I don't think anyone is calling me a liar or anything, but FYI, I would give you all the station and location so we can get a stream of inquires, but I don't want to give up my location. Today was just crappy so I didn't get achance, but tomorrow definatly.

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