Watchtower Knowledge

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  • Honesty

    How accurate is it?

  • nicolaou

    Depends on the bit of knowledge you're talking about. I guess there accuracy rating - if there is such a thing - would score quite high on articles about birds and animals, recipes and native dress. Score them on their raison d'etre however and they'd be about as accurate as Stevie Wonder at a pool table.

  • ozziepost

    A coincidence? I gave a sermon on this today, based on 2 Peter 1. Well, not all on the WT knowledge but knowledge itself.

    - you know from the angle of substituting the word knowledge for know in John 17:3.

  • Honesty
    - you know from the angle of substituting the word knowledge for know in John 17:3.

    Spot on, Ozzie. It was only after I escaped the Watchtower cult and confessed to Jesus that I had been worshipping the FDS did I really come to know God and the One whom He sent forth. The Watchtower denies every JW the ability to know God due to their demon inspired teachings.

  • JosephMalik


    They are not accurate. In fact they are barely biblically literate and most of what they teach is antichrist but few seem to notice.


  • moggy lover
    moggy lover

    It is neither accurate nor absolute.

    It is: Flexible, fickle, dissolute, truculent, perfidious, trivial, fraudulent, insidious, attenuated, equivocal, myopic, dangerous, hypocritical, vengeful, blood-guilty, criminal, corrupt, debased, putrescent, contradictory, profane, deleterious, odious, impious, arrogant, perfunctory, torpid, evasive, callous, aberant, and did I say avaricious?

    Like most cats, my moggy reads the words of the WT from right to left [must have some Hebrew in her] and gets more sense out of it than most JWs reading the words correctly!


  • IronClaw
    How accurate is it?

    How much time you got?

  • moshe

    They have taken a collection of Hebrew stories, oral history,ancient writings, and PR writings about Jesus and turned it into an understandable & semi-logical Biblical essay in progress. Their explanations are always under construction,too.



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