"A Time to Speak"----When? (with scans).

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    I'm bumping this thread, as it seems to be one of the newest on the topic, and it has a couple of good references, including the "time to speak" article. I know there's a link somewhere to Scully's essay on the topic as well. The question also came up recently in light of someone going for surgery who did not want a JW on her surgical team.

    I went hunting for this info today after taking HIA (health information act) training at work. My province is in the process of putting all health records into an electronic database. I have relatives who work as nurses, so I'm concerned about the confidentiality of my own information and that of my daughters. We don't really care if they go to the elders, since we don't consider ourselves subject to their form of justice anymore. But it certainly would complicate things if one of us ended up DFd (although of less concern now that my mom has died). But I simply do not trust them to respect our private health information. Nor do I want them to have any excuse to paint us as evil.

    I know most places have health privacy legislation now. One thing I will be doing ASAP is requesting that my record be "masked". This is a formal process where you can request to have your records hidden in the electronic database. They can still be accessed, but a reason must be provided and every access attempted is logged.

    There also is a process here whereby you can request a risk assessment. I'm debating doing something like that to alert them about JW employees and possible HIA breaches.

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    she knew personally that the sister was single, thus raising the possibility of fornication

    only raising it? what was the other option? immaculate conception?

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    Hi Everyone, I think it's time to add to the post I wrote about the Business Insurance Article and how a Jehovah's Witness is not under obligation to keep your private information private.

    I am going to add the full Insurance Article link to his post, this thread was well written, anyone who hires a JW must understand they are not going to keep things secret that might bother their conscience and most insurance policies will not cover this type of lawsuit. You need a special policy to protect your asset, the original article was about a doctor in Texas who treated a JW who was raped in a bar by nine men.

    The Sister went to the doctor and was given medication for a STD, the office manager who had previous been warned by this doctor that medical patients have a absolute rigth to privacy. When the office manager saw the code and read the file on our Sister getting raped, she did not go to her sister and ask if things where ok (The method Jesus Christ put in by Matthew 18), instead she ran to her elders with the most juicy gossip and got this Sister who was raped "Disfellowshiped"!

    The Texas Elders shot from the hip, wounded a sexually abused victim, offered no comfort and this Sister got a lawyer and threatened to sue the doctor. The attorney and Insurance Company told this doctor, "She can take you to the cleaners and you have no recourse." The doctor traced the leak to this gossiping JW Office Manager and fired her! He went to the newspapers with his story and the JW elders had to rethink their course as this sister pondered suing the doctor and the gossip-girl sister!

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