Just had a mammogram

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  • LDH
    THERE ARE SOME ADVANTAGES to being older and letting gravity do it's work. By the time I had my first mammogram, my mammaries just POURED on the plate.



    You HAVE TO GO TO THE GYN. Got it? Every year. Please, please go.

  • greendawn

    I think that if there was something worrying they would have told you so you don't have to stress yourself out on this issue.

  • Sunnygal41
    Does anyone know, will they tell you right away if something is wrong?

    Hi, LL, and welcome to the board! I had a similar experience awhile back, they did the same exact thing with me, and thought they "saw" something..........turns out that it was nothing.........unfortunately, legally, the people who take the films usually can't say anything, as they aren't doctors, but, most of the techs have seen enough "abnormalities" to be able to make pretty accurate guesses.............I would say that it probably is nothing for you to worry about, but, if you are concerned, you can always find out who and how soon they will be looked at by a Dr........it may get them to look at them sooner. Usually it takes only two to three days total. I had an added advantage when I got the weird reading as I had been going to that particular office for many years so, they knew me personally and the tech kind of told me not to worry. So.........keep us posted as to what you find out!


  • Gill


    Try not to worry too much, as hard as that is to do.

    Hope all goes well for you.


  • delilah

    I can't add anything further to what the others have already said, except here in Canada, the technicians are not legally allowed to tell you anything, only the doctor can tell you the results. I'm sure all is fine, sometimes we women worry too much...I know, because I'm probably the biggest worrier of all. I inherited it from my mom. I've never been in for a mammogram, but after reading these posts,I will make an appointment Monday. Keep us informed.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    ack Too many LLs on board.

    I had my first MG when I was a smaller size than I am now. Seems they decided to grow after I had a hysterectomy!!!. Go figure.

    I found it much more painful when they were smaller. They had to really clamp that thing down on almost nothing. Now it is more uncomfortable than pain probably because there is more for them to squish.

    Mind you maybe pain is relative and getting a boob squish hurts a lot less than the fire in my feet.

  • simplesally

    Many times there is no one to read your mammogram. It must go to the radiologist and then if there is a problem, they will call you in a few days to come back for an ultrasound. In my case, they called me within 3 days and said to come in NOW. They meant right then. I went in and they did the ultrasound and an immediate biopsy. I will never forget lying there with that needle going in crying silently ... laying there alone and scared to death.

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