BUY a Kingdom Hall and Turn It Into........????

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  • lisaBObeesa
    Okay I will buy a kingdom hall and tell them it is going to be a new church called "The church of ex-Jehovah Witnesses". Or call it "Church of Apostates"

    Do you think they will deny me ? ; ; ; I'd sue the crap out of them if they did...

    Oldflame said this in another post and it got me thinking. I don't know about turning it into a church, but some other things lept to mind. ************************************************************************************ I would turn it into a ex-Jehovah's Witness club of some sort. An OPEN club. I would get one of those KHs with two halls. I would change one of the halls into a comfortable, library/ reading/ coffee shop/ space full of books, internet access, comfortable couches, and assorted areas for groups of people to sit around and converse. The doors are open to anyone to come in to relax, research, make friends, cry, or laugh. And I would put in lots of windows to let in LIGHT. The other hall would be used for speakers from around the world who would come in from time to time to speak about mind control, cult exiting, recovery or just their own experiences. Once a month, the lecture hall would be cleared of chairs for the big exJW dances or apostafests. Every holiday would be celebrated. amd celebrated well. The literature counter would sell much better literature.....and Starbucks. The 'back room' of the hall, where so many people were condemed to death, would have some windows added, a fireplace for burning stuff (old wt books, letters from hurtful people, etc..?) and in that room, exJWs could do anything they want. It would be left undecorated so people could decorate as they like. People could write on the walls, throw darts at pictures of Teddy boy, post their decarations of freedom, their DA letters.......whatever. We would call it the 'freedom room.' Volunteers would be there all the time, so that any wandering soul could find a hug if they were brave enough to come through the doors. The word 'apostate' would not be found in the title of the club so all exJWs could feel comfortable coming in. Ahh....I have a dream! ****************************************** If you could buy a Kingdom Hall, what would you change it into?

  • ICBehindtheCurtain

    THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!!!! , it would also eliminate the sudden "but where do we go" fear of departing ones.


  • Clam

    lisaB your idea sounds great.

    Something like TheEXDub Club

    I reckon a picture of Ray Franz should be up on one of the walls too.

  • lisaBObeesa

    I'm glad you like my idea. Maybe one day........

    My son says if it were up to him, he would turn a KH into a big skate park. he would built a nice big ramp right in the middle......It would be full of teen boys ripping the place to shreds.......

    Anyone else have an idea of what to turn a KH into?

  • HappyDad

    Bunch, Aaron. Brothel, Kalgoorlie. 1995 [picture]

    From Bethel to Brothel

  • Think

    Armagedon Museum !

  • IronClaw

    An Italian restaurant called: "A Posta House"

  • Think

    How about

    KingDummy Hell Coffe & do nuts Shop ?

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