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  • moshe

    Also, don't forget these assembly halls are WT private property. That mean when we show up with Danny Haszard to protest they will be waiting for us with those infamous Rutherford canes! Ouch!



  • willowmoon

    It just makes better business sense to hold them at their own assembly halls, and the congregations probably appreciate the WTS being thrifty and thoughtful.

    And I do think it has to do with comfort. Having them locally will save many the exhorbitant costs of hotel expenses, travel time and expense, parking fees, etc. Not to mention that a local WTS-owned assembly hall is a more comfortable and spiritual setting than a dirty hockey or baseball arena.


  • silentWatcher

    I don't think it is a matter of whether the WTS can cut a check for them... I think it is a question of whether or not the conventions will bring in more donation money than they cost.

    Bingo! Actually, the rent for most venues the Society rents is practically 0. The idea is that the JWs will fill the local hotel rooms /restaurants / etc, so usually the local governments (who own most of the public facilities anyway) GIVE AWAY the use of the building. The building prep is done by volunteers for FREE.

    Cost to the WT: Practically $0.

  • willowmoon
    Actually, the rent for most venues the Society rents is practically 0.

    Well, then, if that's the case, then XBEHERE is probably right, they DON'T want deal with the WTS! Those venues ARE in business to make money.

    SilentWatcher, that's surprising! When I organize and make convention arrangements for some large corporations, several places (including Nassau Colesium and Yankee Stadium) have said they don't donate facilities or offer better prices to specific organizations.

    They've also always required that we pay union scale to their employees to perform certain specific building-related jobs, as well as pay them to be present during the functions, even if our own employees are there.

    I'd be really interested in seeing the official WTS cost breakdown for the DCs ... it would help next time I negotiate a contract ... would you be able to get post it or tell me where I might find it? Thanks,


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