Pretty blondes in red sports cars . . .

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  • nicolaou

    C'mon guys, what makes you feel good?

    (Also, beating my bro' at backgammon - it's a Greek thing.)

  • freedomlover
    C'mon guys

    don't know if you're limiting this to just "the guys" but...................

    I love to BE the pretty blonde in the red sports car that you guys are staring at.....that makes me feel good!

  • Elsewhere

    *** Imagining Freedomlover riding in my red Mini Cooper with the sunroof wide open ***

  • Chimene

    Halling butt down a twisty water slide at Carrowinds during the hot summer

  • daystar


    love to BE the pretty blonde in the red sports car that you guys are staring at.....that makes me feel good!

    Just make sure you smile and wink at us. That makes us feel good.

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog

    Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
    Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
    Brown paper packages tied up with strings
    These are a few of my favorite things

    Cream colored ponies and crisp apple streudels
    Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles
    Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings
    These are a few of my favorite things

    Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes
    Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes
    Silver white winters that melt into springs
    These are a few of my favorite things

    When the dog bites
    When the bee stings
    When I'm feeling sad
    I simply remember my favorite things
    And then I don't feel so bad

    oops, sorry, just had a Sound of Music moment.

  • tetrapod.sapien

    (lets out long festive sigh of the ages)

    don't get me wrong. i usually don't go in for blondes. but even i have been surprising myself lately.

    sherri moon zombie, in the devil's rejects, in the ripped jeans weilding a shot gun and a bowie knife. poetry, pure poetry. i love it. holy f*ck. i am a sold man.

  • stillAwitness

    Gotta love the bad/boy rapper/ rocker mix in man. The formula is quite unique.

  • stillajwexelder

    drinking Californian cabernet Sauvignon whilst eating prime rib and getting blown all at the same time

  • Super_Becka
    C'mon guys, what makes you feel good?

    What do I like?? A tall, dark and very handsome guy wearing nothing but a pair of shorts, like boxers, that is definitely the sexiest thing a guy can wear. And since this is what makes me happy, he'd have to be fairly well built, not too muscle-y, but definitely well-defined, about 6' tall, with wavy dark hair that's a little bit on the shaggy side, chocolate brown eyes, a great smile with nice straight teeth, and no chest hair. *imagines* Oh yeah, and he's gotta be looking at me like I'm the hottest girl he's ever seen and wants me right here, right now.

    And now, to brag, I'm gonna say that my boyfriend fits most of that description - he's almost 6' tall, he has dark hair that's shorter than I'd like, but still really great for running my fingers through, he has a gorgeous pair of brownish-green eyes, a broad smile full of straight, white teeth, not too muscle-y but has some great definition in his chest and arms, and not a single chest hair in sight. And he looks damn sexy in just a pair of shorts, and he always has that "I want you RIGHT NOW" look on his face. He's not perfect, but he's close enough, and really, what more can I ask for??

    -Becka :)

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