Missing Light

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  • Kaput

    As IP_SEC stated:

    Its a very long piece. It has 22 views.

    If you just highlighted one item for discussion, you'd get the hits. For example, a topic entitled "Rutherford's naming of the religion" would certainly get some posts (don't ask me how many, I'm not a prophet). The synopsis you've provided, although "on the money", leaves one wondering if their response would be "lost in the shuffle". Anyway, that's how I felt...

  • uninformed


    I really enjoyed your entire comment. I can identify with it all.

    The body of elders with a rotating chairmanship was a real crafty way of getting some of the worldly husbands into the borg so that they would get some power.

    I was there in 72 when it came down and really thought it was inspired.

    All of your thoughts were great. "Math" has driven a lot of doctrines.

    In 95 when the generation got mauled, even though I was a po at the time, it was then and there that I left the truth. It just took another 10 years to get the guts to leave.

    Thanks for your thought provoking post.


  • Cellist

    Even though I don't usually say much, I really enjoy your posts Proplog2. I hope you don't quit writing them.


  • toreador

    I read it and I enjoyed it. We realize what they WTS likes to leave out of their history and gloss over but the average dub sucks up that crap like its honey IMO.

    Great post proplog,


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