Infant Baptism, alive and well in JW land.

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  • Nina

    I knew a child who was baptized at the age of 7. This child answered fluently at the meetings, was conversant at the doors, kept up on her own return visits, could explain anything in the current literature to anyone who asked. This child didn't need anyone to prompt her, the knowledge was her own. She was a great little kid, well-behaved, a joy to be around, the youngest of five children being raised in a one-parent household (all the other kids were just like her).

    When the child was 8 she ran away from home. There followed a huge custody battle, and when it was over the child was taken to another state to live with her dad.

    I met up with this child again when she was 14 and in legal trouble. I saw her several times in the course of a few weeks. It was obvious that she was no longer living as a JW so one day I asked her what had caused her to change.

    Her sincere response was "When I was seven and a half I found out I could do bad."

    Was her baptism the result of an informed decision?


  • greendawn

    They used to be so critical of the catholics on this issue, so now why do they do it? Perhaps they are getting desperate to keep up their statistics as outsiders are no longer as interested as before.

  • Clam

    Wow that's a really interesting and pretty poignant story Nina.

  • lucifer

    I was 11 and in my mind you just had to answer those questions from the green book right and you're in. I also remember the Main reason I got baptized was because I wanted a delux bible with my name on it and I was told that when I was baptized I could have one, and guess what the day I got baptized I got my bible, I was so excited

  • willyloman

    The WTS has offset its growth decline in recent years by:

    Implementing the 15-minute rule in order to count inactive elderly/infirm folks as publishers

    Baptizing kids

    Both of these are miles away from the standards in place when most of us got baptized 20 or 30 years ago. They can no longer rely on "Jehovah's spirit" to provide growth. So they create arificial growth to keep the numbers up. The alternative - to admit they were wrong and recognize that God's spirit doesn't come anywhere near this organization - is too scary for them to contemplate.

  • delilah

    When my daughter was 12, there was a group of preteens and early teens in our hall getting baptized. The were all trying to encourage my daughter to join them. I'm so thankful that I put my foot down, and wouldn't let her do it. I think there is only 2, if that many, that are not DF' daughter is now 21.

  • stillAwitness

    The CO was bragging about how his daughter (the same age as me) kept nagging him at 8 years old that she wanted to be baptized but he did not think she was ready.

    Then he heard a talk that said his behavior was supposdly "holding back his child" from Jehovah.

    Riiiiight. So I suppose Jesus was held back all 30-something years before he finally took the plunge?

    I was dipped into the brooklyn pool at 14. I cried the night before all night and vomited three times during the baptismal talk (in the bathroom of course) I felt like I was being raped that day.

  • JWdaughter

    I have seen the Williams sisters, Venus and Serena given a bad time alternatively about not being "good" witnesses and not being baptised yet (at their advanced ages).

    I don't see that the association has clipped their wings any. I wonder why they make the claim at all? Beautiful girls, very skilled, very imperfect....I am thinking baptism will happen when they retire and are out of the limelite.

    If my dad was gonna push me, Id sure rather he was pushing the part that would make me a world class tennis player rather than to be a drone JW. I think the Williams are JWs like many Jews are "Jewish.' That's what they were born into and they don't eat bacon on the Sabbath.

  • SuperBoy

    I got baptised at a stupid age. 12 I think. It was like a competition. I was the first amongst my peers. My dad was so pleased (maybe smug.)

    And then look what happened.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I am shocked that this OP is 8 years old.

    Obviously(TM), it's not a new thing anymore.


    How many here were baptized before even being a teenager?

    (Go ahead, tell us your age now......we won't tell.)


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