blame your kids for the prozac!! LOL

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  • kid-A

    So, what do you think? Does having kids lead to long-term depression? LOL.

    -Kid-A (of the no-kids but wants a puppy class)

    Got the blues? Blame the kids


    Globe and Mail Update

      Parenthood could be considered a lifelong affliction, according to a new study out of Florida State University.

      Researchers have found that adults with children are significantly more likely to report symptoms of depression than those without kids. And the blues don't go away when the kids do either.

      More than 13,000 adults participated in the study, which recorded how many times a week people suffered from a series of symptoms; from sleeplessness and loss of appetite to distractedness and loneliness. All of which are common symptoms of depression.

      “There is no type of parent who reports less depression than those who do not have kids,” said Robin Simon, co-author the study, which was published in the American Sociological Association's Journal of Health and Social Behaviour. There are, however, certain types of parents who have it worse than others, she said.

      The most severe cases of depression are found in people who do not have custody of their children or were single parents, and the least depressed are the “empty-nesters,” whose children have left home. Parents have a higher level of stress, anxiety, and worry and those feelings remain even after the child leaves the home, according to the study. Even empty-nesters are not less depressed than those without kids.

      Ms. Simon said the finding suggest that being a parent is far more taxing than most people expect and that the benefits of parenting do not outweigh the negative effects in terms of mental health.

      Ms. Simon said generally, she was not surprised by the results because, her previous research has found that parents report more negative emotions than those adults without kids.

      “We romanticize parenthood to be a means to a lifetime of happiness,” said Ms. Simon, who has two children of her own. “But it's a tough job.... Parenthood doesn't give you a mental health boost.”

      What Ms. Simon did say she found surprising was that there was little difference between genders, and that parents of younger children were less likely to report symptoms of depression.

      According to her report, having smaller children, while more physically demanding, is less emotionally taxing.

      Ms. Simon chalks it up to a simple equation: “Small children, small problems, small worries.”

      She also found, that contrary to common belief that raising someone else's kid can be more draining, stepparents reported no significant difference in level of depression than other parents.

      However, Ms. Simon is quick to point out that the study is only measuring depression, not happiness, and that there are several documented benefits that come along with having kids, like increased social networks and self-esteem. But it appears the emotional costs outweigh the psychological benefits, she said.

    • lilybird

      Well, I can certainly relate to that artice. I am happy you posted it, so I know others are experiencing the same childrearing pains that my husband and I am. My son who is now 23 is amazing. He is living his life and attending university and doing all the things I missed while stuck in the borg.. Just what I hoped for my kids. My daughter is another story. She constantly causes me worry, which is so upsetting because I know how bad her life could have been if I had kept her in the witless way of life I had growing up. I guess it just proves that you raise your kids the same, but it all comes down to different personalities as to how they turn out.. I am desperatly longing for the day when I will have the "empy-nest" part of my life... just had to vent a little

    • ballistic

      Someone post to say it's not all that bad. Here's a 34 y/o going through an early mid life crisis due to not having had children yet.

    • Darth Yhwh
      Darth Yhwh


      -Kid-A (of the no-kids but wants a puppy class)

      You dont have any kids? For some reason I assumed you did.

    • serendipity

      The early years of parenting were tiring, but I enjoyed that time. My daughter was fun to be around. When she was 12 I started becoming more worried about her because she walked to school and hardly talked to me. At 17, she's driving so I'm even more worried. But I'm also a little sad that she's growing up. She's a great young woman and one that any parent would be proud of. It's a bittersweet time.

    • Gretchen956
      There is no type of parent who reports less depression than those who do not have kids

      Huh??? How do you get to be a parent if you don't have kids? Did I miss something??

      I do have to tell you, I am SO grateful mine is an adult and on his own! You still worry, but you don't have all that day-to-day stuff. All in all I'm very proud of my son, he turned out pretty well considering I had him in a cult for the first 11 years of his life.


    • kid-A

      You dont have any kids? For some reason I assumed you did.

      LOL ! Nope, living the childfree life Darth! My career would never allow it and I have plenty of nieces and nephews that I can return to my siblings when they start being difficult!!

      I much prefer the role of "the cool uncle" !!

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