Gave Blood Today

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  • Buster

    The day after I give blood, and for the nest few days, I feel great. Apparently many people report this phenomenon. I attribute it to all them new red blood cells. But maybe its just mental.

    I like to get the stats:

    50% Iron count - at the very high end of normal (good)

    60 resting heart rate - I'm really happy about that

    110/70 pressure - not bad for an old guy

    I'm glad they don't take cholesterol counts. Historically, my blood, though freeflowing, is just this side of gravy.

  • blondie

    Good for you, Buster!

  • whyizit

    It's SPIRITUAL, brother! You did something that was kind, selfless, and merciful! Someone will be able to spend more precious time with a loved one, because you gave so freely. My brother was spared an early death, because of a blood transfusion, and is now a God-fearing Bible-believing Christian. It wuldn't have been possible without someone like you. Thanks! And God Bless YOU!

  • bikerchic

    Hey good for you! Did it hurt? LOL

    I've been wanting to do that but when I checked into it the places/schedule didn't fit mine. I'll have to recheck and thanks for the reminder.

    Oh did they tell you what your blood type is? I know I'm negative but not sure if I'm A, B or O? Do you need to know that before you give blood?

    Kate of the used to faint at the sight of needles class......I can't believe I would actually do this!

  • jonsey

    I did it for the first time late last year at my was cool. Not a big needle fan...trick is...don't look and relax...after that...It's a breeze. I was glad that I did it!


  • Buster


    If you go to the Red Cross in PDX. They'll send a donor card for your donation history. It'll show your type. I'm A+.

    3131 N. Vancouver Ave


    Also, they take walk-ins at that center. I'll never go to one of those events they try to invite you to. They schedule them too tightly and wait is silly. Just call in advance.

    - Cliff

  • rebel8
  • Honesty

    I give mine, too.

    I'm B+

    The local blood bank never has more than 40 units on hand at any given time.

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