A hypothetical "ride" in Satan's Spaceship.

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  • BizzyBee
    Now lets say that at the same time of the creation of mankind (on earth) there was a wicked and evil civilization on Mars. A war broke out and then a Comet or Asteroid smashed into Mars and destroyed all life on the red planet.

    Just for the sake of argument, let's say............

    Just before Comet Impact (on Mars) happened or nuclear weapons were launched, a Group of Alien (Martian) heirarchy, escaped in a Spacecraft. They could have visited Earth in the past and knew that it could support life.

    I'm with ya....................

    So a large Spaceship (of a technology far more advanced than what we know on earth as of 2005 AD) heads towards Earth as the Martian Apocalypse occurs.

    of course, would hafta be.................

    This spaceship could have been as large as six football fields. It could have contained a smaller fleet of single "pilot" reconnisance crafts as well (the small saucer like UFO's that so many people claim to see today). The Crew of the ship could have been The ruling Elite on Mars, possibly a Royal Family along with Military Personal and Pilots, totalling 666 persons.

    Hot damn! 6...6...6....that is, like, so familiar.................

    Now the Pilots of this Martian Spaceship miscalulate, possibly a nuclear blast (magnetic field) on Mars effects their instruments/ flight computers. THE RESULT IS THAT THE MARTIAN SPACESHIP CRASH LANDS IN THE OCEAN, POSSIBLY IN THE PERSIAN GULF AND THE CREW IS KILLED ON IMPACT.

    Wait a minute....you had me til you said PERSIAN GULF........................

  • Mary

    Here it is Franz!! I found Satan's Spaceship!!

  • Honesty
  • Clam

    I love reading Franz's posts, but always wonder if he posts on other sites, particularly those for ex cult members. That is to say who are his target audience?

    I wanna see the film Predator v Nephilim where the crab cheeked super warriors go back in time and kick some nephilim ass.

  • kid-A

    I love his posts too. His threads are the only ones I feel totally comfortable in posting a picture of Jim Carrey being born out of a rhinos ass. I also miss BrownBoys posts, man they were

    fun!!! Bless all you loonies out there and keep posting!!!

  • Clam
    His threads are the only ones I feel totally comfortable in posting a picture of Jim Carrey being born out of a rhinos ass.


    I think PMJ's and Ezra's threads are more deserving of that personally.

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