Your Emotional and Mental Health Today

by Honesty 6 Replies latest jw friends

  • Honesty

    Is it better or worse since you left the Jehovah's Witnesses?

  • skyman

    My mental heath is much better, I do not worry about things as much as I did when I going. I hated it when people would answer and show how controlled they were by the Society. Some people were worse than others. Some comments were way out there and I hate to hear them. I hated sitting in the same HALL that a few brothers and sisters I did not like were. Towards the end I would get sick to my stomach before the meetings.

  • Goldminer

    My emotional and mental health is a lot better without the negative influence of the WTS. I no longer live in that JW fog.It 's really amazing how much we bought into their lies and let it control our lives as much as we did.


  • happehanna

    No comparison. I felt I was going crazy most of the time being a JW but now I feel great! wholesome!

    an adult who makes good choices!

    one of them to spend time here

  • lisavegas420

    Both the depression and migraines disappeared once I quit attending meetings. Guilt also gone.


  • greendawn

    Anyone should feel much better upon abandoning the poisonous and oppressive ambience of the JWs, the pressuring demands, the loveless cold society, the endless lying of the FDS, once removed things will improve dramatically.

  • Balsam

    Went from being suicidal after my son died to gradually coming out my JW stupor and finding real happiness. I was able to help my other two sons and we all are 100% happier than we were as JW's.

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