Nun and the Angels

by Clam 2 Replies latest social humour

  • Clam

    Three Hells Angels are sitting at a table in a greasy-spoon
    when in walks a nun, takes a seat next to them and begins to

    Astonished, one of them says, "I went to my parents wedding
    last week and we all got shit-faced."

    The nun continues to eat even though she obviously heard the

    Being quick on the uptake the second one says, "My dad says
    he will marry my mother next year."

    Despite this the nun stays right where she is. Eager to get
    a response from the nun, the third one says, "My old man will
    never, EVER marry my mother!"

    The nun looks up from her food and says, "Would one of you
    bastards please pass the salt?"

  • wombat

    Gee Clam...that joke went over like a lead baloon.

    Two drovers are herding the cattle and one says "I think that I'll go down to Brisbane for the Show"

    Other says..."What route will you take ?"

    Replies..."I reckon I'll take the Missus...She stuck by me during the drought".

  • Clam

    haha Wombat - yes my jokes are about as popular as an elder in a hospital waiting room, but I'll keep posting,

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