JW Religion a Heresy ?

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  • Terry

    This question is a matter of context and semantics.

    Who sets the rules of a game determines what a cheater is.

    The Constantine/Nicene/Catholic authority got the game plan.

    It was just a matter of using force to squeeze dissenters out. Those were officially heretics.


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  • Shining One
    Shining One

    >No one has a monopoly on the ultimate TRUTH (not even orthodoxy) and woe to those that think they do. That's part of the Society's/JWs biggest problem but it is an illness that a lot of other Christians suffer from also.

    Why is it wrong to kill someone? MY TRUTH is that you offend me. Therefore, I will remove the offense to MY TRUTH. How does that sit with you? The notion that there is no ultimate truth is a illogical argument by suicide: It contradicts itself.
    Heresy is that which is not in agreement with the orthodox teachings of scripture. It is not an attitude, it is a fact. If you do not teach what Christianity is defined as, then you are a heretic if you claim you are Christian. You have your own belief but it falls out of the realm of Christianity.
    Do we know ALL TRUTH? Obviously not, maybe that's what you are referring to?

  • ferret

    I agree with shining. JW's think they have a monopoly on God, but they do not.

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