How many here were homeschooled?

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  • MidwichCuckoo
    Isn't it illegal for children not to attend school up to the age of sixteen? How does the government accept that they stay at home and who is going to teach them there?

    It is quite legal to home school in England. I HAD to homeschool my son after we moved and I couldn't get him into an 'acceptable' school in my new area. I did it for 3 months out of necessity. It was hard work, and I'm not 'thick'.

    I have seen JW families do this for the whole of the 11 years of compulsory education, and I know this may sound harsh, but the parents themselves are stupid and uneducated, so what chance has the child?

    ALSO, and I think this is important, they DO so to keep their child(ren) mixing in with the 'World' - what do they think the child is going to do upon reaching 16 with NO social skills?

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