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  • limbogirl

    i remember being at a district convention when three young mormon men came in and somehow ended up sitting next to me. i was sitting with three of my girlfriends and although we were all 19 years old we had to sit within a row or two of our parents in order to be policed appropriately. the assembly was a yawnfest as usual but the mormon guys showing up added a bit of interest -- i immediately picked up on the fact that they were there for laughs not because they had any interest in becoming jdubs. as soon as they sat down a "super-sister" sitting in the row above began handing them bibles, literature, song books, etc -- she was doing her best to welcome them and let them know that WE were the true religion. at one point we sang a song and the mormons grinned through the entire song and would occasionally point at some of the words and giggle. this in turn made me laugh -- the "kingdom songs" have always had that effect on me and this one was a particularly stirring number that people were really getting into -- i think it may have been 'forward you witnesses' or something similar. as soon as we sit down from singing, "super-sister" above me shoves a note into my hand which said, "sister, there are three mormon men sitting next to you -- your conduct is being watched closely. let your actions provide a witness for jehovah!" of course, the mormons politely gave back the literature, refused to engage in discussion and went on their merry way. i'm sure that "super-sister" probably tells the story about my poor conduct (I laughed) and how it stumbled some mormons and prevented them from knowing the true god.

  • Legolas

    Limbo.....You were being 'policed' at 19 years of age?

    Good gawd I sit down and have a couple of drinks with my 18 year old daughter.

    T his weekend we hope to go to a Tarot Card reader....He's a reverend

  • Sunnygal41

    lol..........you brought many memories back with this post.............I was in from age 14 to 42 and these assemblies were so much work to even get to.............and, once you were there, all anyone did really was parade around showing off the new outfit they bought for the assembly..........

  • limbogirl

    Legolas: Wow, wish I had you for a parent when I was a teenager!

  • limbogirl

    Sunnygal --- I was in from a baby until mid-twenties and ALL of my shopping revolved around assemblies and the memorial. 'what are you wearing to the assembly?' 'did you get something new for the memorial?' -- those were the hot topics in my jdub circle. LOL I haven't worn a dress in gawd knows how long -- the mere thought of putting one brings back all of that.

  • Darth Yhwh
    Darth Yhwh

    The most fun I've ever had at a DC was the last one that I have ever been to. I had alredy begun to distance my self from the WBTS's cult and this was apparent by the shoulder length pony tail that I wore. It was so liberating walking around a convention hall with long hair, a goatee, and a KH badge on my chest. No one knew what to make of me. I got a ton of attention from EVERYONE! It was fantastic.

  • limbogirl

    darth yhwh: i'm sure you got plenty of attention...probably from all of the jdub sisters trolling for a mate. secretly they all want the bad boy. but seriously...did you ever notice how the assembly halls were filled with roaming packs of young females stalking the packs of young males. sort of like the movie Grease gone bad.

  • theinfamousone

    i got yelled at once for looking at a girl three rows away!!! i was 17, and it wasnt my parents that yelled at me, it was some fucking random SUPER WITNESS!!! dont worry, i had my kryptonite, you should have seen him squirm when i pushed my cross in his face!!!

    the infamous one

  • Calliope

    my best assembly is the circuit one i just skipped.

    ah, that was a good one.

  • Clam

    Assemblies for me as a teenager were an opportunity to look at and meet girls away from the gaze of the Cong. Often witness girls would take along "worldly" friends under the cloak of getting them interested in the cult. I've got some good memories of assemblies.

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